10 :: How to Kagura?

A friend who’s going to cosplay Kagura was talking to me while doing a test of Kagura. And well, I somehow ended up doing the makeup for fun just to show my own version.

Note: I’m really bad with female makeup as I usually cosplay guy characters so… sorry no falsies and heavy shadows. But Kagura is a kid so she doesn’t use makeup haha!

29910Meatbuns courtesy of Sabby hahaha! Master in painting using LINE Camera.

I didn’t have Kagura’s wig, so I used my Nanami wig, tied the back up and styled the fringe somewhat like Kagura’s. So it’s not really accurate ;;

Oh a year ago I also cosplay Kagura’s brother, Kamui lol.

2013-05-18-22-16-10_deco    2013-05-18-22-34-46_photo

After taking photos for Kagura, I let the wig down and took some random pics~ I rarely look girly so this is a rare scene for me haha.

2014-03-23-22-24-59_photo   2014-03-23-22-30-06_deco2014-03-23-22-28-16_photo

2 thoughts on “10 :: How to Kagura?

  1. You’re right. It is quite rare to see you cosplay as a GIRL. Looks cute though.

    Such a huge contrast to most of your other cosplays, but this is pretty nice!

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