12 :: Life Diary (1)

There aren’t that many new things I can post about.. so I’ve decided to compile photos of where I went (or pretty much what I ate) and make it into a daily life post thing. A little on the boring side? I think (ノдヽ)

Just yesterday I went to Penang to visit some graves but we were only there for a few short hours. So I only managed to stop by for one meal ahaha. Char Kuey Teow! Possibly my favorite dish in Penang but this store’s was just so-so. The weather was also pretty bad. Arrived with haze, left in a storm.

2014-03-29-13-13-45_photo 2014-03-29-14-37-32_photo

At night, my Razer keyboard stopped working so I had to rearrange everything. An hour later, I plugged it back in and it’s working now. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ But here’s the rearranged workspace for me. My Macbook Pro is dying and I’m in need of a new laptop (or most likely the Surface Pro 2)2014-03-29-23-27-33_photo

Went to a Cafe called Le’ Medina Patisserie in the morning since I haven’t been there before.

No. 1 Jalan Stadium, 05100 Alor Setar+60 4-730 2120.

2014-03-30-11-24-22_photo 2014-03-30-11-34-51_photo DSC_1155

The interior seemed pretty nice. It’s relaxing and quite cozy.

What post is complete without pictures of food! LOL.

Meatball spaghetti – RM13.90, Burger set (I’m not too sure cause that’s what my friend ordered).
Caffe Latte – RM6.90

2014-03-30-11-32-43_deco 2014-03-30-11-35-35_photo 2014-03-30-11-46-20_photo 2014-03-30-11-33-48_photo

Overall it was a pretty decent cafe. Price is slightly higher for the food but the drinks are reasonably priced. Would definitely try their desserts next time!

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