19 :: Mobile Space


Mini Saber party


This is basically just a test to update my blog using the WordPress app on my phone. So far the app seems pretty well but I think I’ll try it for a little longer to see if it’ll update my things on mobile more often in the future.

Uploading two random pictures of my desk/workspace. I took my Fate/Zero version of Saber nendo out. I’ve been telling myself to get a proper glass cabinet for my figures, seriously need to stop procrastinating. Having so many things around my desk is taking up a lot of space, I think I need a bigger desk.

Sad news for me is that the Surface Pro 2 isn’t even released in Malaysia yet, nor is there any news of the release date. I’ve been thinking of getting it instead of a new Mac mini and a new graphic tablet as mine is already pretty old and I think it served me well all these years.

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