22 :: School Boy Lulu?

As I’ve mention previously, I’ll be heading to Johor this weekend for M.A.C.G. I’m pretty excited! I’ll get to meet some people that I haven’t met in quite some time, and as a bonus, I’ll get to meet Sakuya in real life. For those who doesn’t know who Sakuya is, here is her worldcosplay account >> Sakuya’s WorldCos
As the journey is quite far and I don’t really want to bring any heavy outfits, I’ll be going as Murasakibara (Kuroko no Basuke) on day 1 and this fanart version of Lelouch on day 2 (as pictured below)
Bringing new coscards for this event! Only had 50 printed out cause I’m not sure how many to bring, but I’ll also bring some of my previous designs there.

2014-04-13-23-34-58_photo A closer photo of my eye makeup. It’s kinda messy cause I didn’t intend to spend so much time on it so the total time spent on makeup = 10 minutes! hahaha.

Have some bonus pics c: 2014-04-13-23-36-59_photo 2014-04-13-23-38-48_photo


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