25 :: TAGCon & Junketsu

I’m sorry I’m just a little tired to do a detailed post on TAGCon, also I didn’t really take pictures so please head over to their FB event page I linked earlier. There are more pictures there!

I had my parents drive down to Penang in the morning after breakfast. We arrived Island Plaza around noon? I brought my parents to the event as they’ve never been to one before. I haven’t changed into my costume at that time as I was waiting for Momo and Winry to get there since we were doing Gintama together. Winry arrived at about 3pm so we went to change into our costumes. Then Momo arrived, the trio was then completed!

10171615_1388291674787902_4729495325429239696_n 10320537_10152212162308509_2150123244150893865_n

Photo: (Left) By Ming Faye >> (Right) Theng Fong.

OPPAI DESU. Trying to be all Mako while cosplaying Gintama hahaha. Also on the right, I don’t know how to explain it LOL. Paako took over my soul. I had to leave the event early since I was going back to my hometown the same day, so I left at around 6pm with my parents. Short time spent there but I’ve had fun. Oh I never expected to win the lucky draw too ;; it was pretty random but THANK YOU TAGCON!

————- on another note, I finished trimming my Satsuki wig so I tried it on with the uniform.

DSC_1277 DSC_1283

I didn’t do her makeup so please bare with it ;;; my boots aren’t here yet so hopefully they’ll arrive in a couple more days /panic mode/

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