28 :: Okita Sougo 3Z




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I’m lacking updates again! Recently I’ve been doing some work on my friend’s wedding invite and also been playing lots of Dynasty Warriors 8XL and Love Live. (With making some cosplay armor in between of course)

Here’s a photo spam of the shoot I did before going MOEPA in Penang. Photos by: Ming and Ooi YR. I want to go for another shoot soon! Maybe for UtaPri? XD



3 thoughts on “28 :: Okita Sougo 3Z

  1. You know.. this might seem weird, but I think this is my favorite cosplay of yours so far. I know it’s not as detailed as some of your other cosplay, but I just find this one so alluring. Maybe it’s the way you rock the dirty blonde hair. 2sxy ;; Can I buy a print of the last photo plz <3 I'll srsly put it up on my wall.

    1. Ahaha really? But cosplay isn’t about details anyways lol. You like the last photo? I could send you the full resolution of it XD if I were to send you the print I think it might get damaged

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