29 :: Next stop Singapore!

frankyxraiI’ll be heading over to Singapore next week to attend Cosfest again this year! I’m really excited to meet my friends again, some I haven’t met for just less than 2 months, some I haven’t met for a year, and those I’ve yet to meet. I’ll be cosplaying with Gax (left) during the convention!

209448Some of my friends already know but I’ve been hooked on this manhwa (yes it’s Korean) called Noblesse. When I mean hooked… I’m not even kidding. I caught up to the latest chapter – Ch327 in 3 days time. There are a lot of interesting characters inside the manhwa and the art is really nice. The only qualm I have is the art is really inconsistent, especially Raizel’s hair, it changed for at least 10 times of different lengths and even within the same chapter, there are different partings for the fringe. Other than that I really really liked it.


I’ve also started working on this painting of Kakuka (Guo Jia) from Dynasty Warriors 8 as it’s been too long since I painted really. The color is still slightly off so I’ll need to fix that later haha. Really hope I can finish this faster. I still have so much to do after!

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