3 :: Kiryuin

I picked up the anime KILL la KILL after 19 episodes of its first episode aired. I somewhat regret it, in a way. Not the bad kind of regret, just that I liked it so much I want to buy the figures, I want to cosplay the characters. This is really bad for my bank account (/゚Д゚)/

Program: Corel Painter X3

Started out with the sketch, as you can see it’s pretty messy. I forgot to draw the horns after her transformation in the sketch so I added it in when I blocked the colors.

1. sketch 2. block

I know there are quite a few people that preferred the before picture, but somehow it didn’t worked with me. Though with so many comments I actually got an idea of what to do, so please wait for an update.

3. beforeafter

The nose seemed weird so I asked my friend Taikyo for suggestions and that’s how it resulted. The left being the before and right being after. The nostrils were softened and more shadows added. The lips were lifted up to make them look fuller too. (I also fixed the ear’s color tone as well as drawing the eyebrows again.)

Shall update more when I continue painting the hair!


4. fix

2 thoughts on “3 :: Kiryuin

  1. Oh ho, a Satsuki painting. That will definitely be exciting. I’ve always loved seeing progress like this. I’ve also liked Satsuki from the beginning. I’ve always had thoughts about her true intents ever since the beginning of the show. That and white and blue has always been the sexiest colour combination ever. A nice darker shade of blue with white being the dominate colour.

    I’ve also noticed the eye directional difference between the before and after pictures. After evaluation on my part, I’ve really noticed that yeah, I have to agree the after picture just seems more natural. When Satsuki’s left eye is looking towards the viewer, it just doesn’t seem to look as natural as when she’s looking away. I think having her looking away adds more to her appeal anyhow. Especially with Junketsu looking towards Satsuki’s direction anyway.

    I definitely can’t wait to see the progression of this piece and to view its final edit!

    1. yesss, I blame myself for picking up KLK and Satsuki for being so awesome. She did leave hints on and off since the beginning I guess haha. And EXACTLY ^ dat white and blue hrrnnggg.

      Yeah at first glance I think a lot more people would prefer the one where Satsuki’s looking at the viewer. Eye-contact is definitely appealing but the long I looked it just seemed too unnatural to me. I’ve done some fixing after that so there will be new updates maybe next week since I’m not home this weekend ahaha.

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