31 :: Cosfest 2014 & Singapore 2

2014-07-06-21-07-26_photo So this post is pretty much an after-event post. I forgot to take pictures on day 1’s dinner at this Italian Wine bar place, we had pizza and pasta woohoo! It was good too.

This was after the event on day 2 (Sunday), Reika was actually craving for Yakiniku so we went Gyu-Kaku (牛角) opposite the hotel. Yakiniku banzaiiii!! Need to go for yakiniku again *^*




The day after event! I actually had two shoots in the morning – SNK and Psycho Pass so I only got an hour to sleep hahaha! My own fault anyways. Right after my shoot, we checked out of the chalet. Jasmine, Ming, Mac and I went to get a cab. I dropped off at Reika’s hotel cause I was gonna saikang at her Haikyu-!! shoot with Sara. Went over to RP half dead and this pic was after the shoot was done!

We went for a snack/light lunch after, then went back to Reika’s hotel so she could get changed and rest for a short while before we headed off to the cat cafe! But Kelly had to leave so it was just us both before Sara and Anthony came over. Then Jasmine joined after that too.

2014-07-07-18-29-32_photoGroup photo haha! We met up with Ian at Bugis+ and scouted some areas for dinner! Ended up at Bonchon Chicken. (as usual I forgot to take pictures at dinner again LOL) After that we went to the arcade I think and McDonald’s after that too hahaha. Jasmine and I went back to our hotel cause Ming and Mac left their stuff in our hotel room. Oh yeah our hotel got upgraded to a 4 star hotel cause the one we booked ran out of room (lucky!)

2014-07-08-01-03-03_deco 2014-07-08-10-04-34_photo

We didn’t want to leaveeeeee. Spent a night of self-pampering from being so tired. Next morning was Reika’s last day in Singapore (night flight).

2014-07-08-12-12-15_photoWe went to Ronin Cafe at Hong Kong Street for brunch, Jes joined us as well. There’s this tea with an interesting name “ERO Iced Tea” hahaha. We kept looking at the menu for a long time and in the end decided to order one to try anyways. It was basically Earl Grey tea with thyme in the tea. Nothing special though other than the name.

Xin Yu met up with us later at the cafe. Went shopping for a bit at Chinatown and then Daiso. Went for hi-tea at Fullterton Hotel by the bay and Jes had to go back to work. Vic met us there after she got off work too.




Photo with Xin Yu and Reika at the hotel~ I got too lazy to get decent photos of the cakes and stuff ;;

Since we were at the bay area, stopped by the Merlion to get a picture as tourists rofl. Much glam.2014-07-08-18-16-36_photo

The three of us went back to Reika’s hotel to get her luggages while the rest would just meet us at the airport where Reiko and Jovelle were already there waiting lol.

After having dinner it was time to send Reika off T______T Much sad.


Time for selfies with everyoneeee!

2014-07-08-21-12-12_photo 2014-07-08-21-23-48_photo 2014-07-08-21-24-04_photo 2014-07-08-21-24-32_photo 2014-07-08-21-24-46_photo 2014-07-08-21-25-20_photo 2014-07-08-21-25-40_photo 2014-07-08-21-26-27_photo 2014-07-08-21-23-34_photo

All the photobombs in the picture hahaha.


I’ll try to update on the shoots as soon as possible lol.

2 thoughts on “31 :: Cosfest 2014 & Singapore 2

  1. Looking good as usual! You always look like you have a lot of fun with these events~

    That tea looks delicious though.

    1. Ahaha! I really though my trip in Singapore this time was worth it, loads of fun!
      The tea is too ERO to resist.

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