36 :: Female Crushes [Fictional Edition] NEW

Back in July 2012, I made a list of female crushes I had based on anime/games/manga characters, basically fictional ones on my old blog — [link here to the post]  Some of the old names would probably still be here and I’d be adding new characters since it’s been 2 years and I think quite a few amazing female characters have appeared! Without further adieu, let’s go on with the list! Number 1 to 6 are in order. The rest aren’t.

1. Lightning (Eclair Farron) — [Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/Lightning Returns/Dissidia/Dissidia012]

My reigning Goddess and number one waifu.

My reigning Goddess and number one waifu.

This was the obvious number one on my list. Pretty much all my friends knows how much of a Lightning fangirl I am. Not gonna start fangirling about how much I love Lightning so I’ll just post two pictures here LOL.
news_lightning_returns_new_video-14659  lightning_Returns_016_thumb

2. Kiryuin Satsuki — [KILL la KILL] *NEW

Satsuki in all her glory

Satsuki in all her glory

A new entry for my list compared to the old one! I’ve been addicted to Satsuki, or basically KILL la KILL since I first watched it, and I’ve even done several entries related to this series. The antagonist who’s actually the protagonist, that first smile she showed, those brows, her voice and everything about Satsuki I love. Well worthy to immediately take the number 2 spot on my list even though she’s a new entry!

Ahahaha oh god Satsuki-sama

Ahahaha oh god Satsuki-sama. We’re all pigs in human clothing!

3. Saber (Arturia Pendragon) & Galatea — [Fate series & Claymore]
Same with my older list so I won’t provide pictures for this haha.
I had a hard to to actually choose who to be third so I’ll just place two here. There won’t be a number 4.

5. Ayase Eli — [Love Live School Idol Project] *NEW

Looking at Eli... I wanna HARASHO.

Looking at Eli… I wanna HARASHO.

I like a lot of characters in Love Live, but Eli is the top waifu material. Whenever she says harasho is super adorable as well.

6. Wang Yi — [Dynasty Warriors] *NEW

Super determined Wang Yi is love.

Super determined Wang Yi is love.

“Sadistic in her thirst for vengeance, Wang Yi is a bloodthirsty warrior who enjoys slaughtering her foes in the field. Obsessed with eliminating Ma Chao, she is satisfied that her allegiance allows her several chances to defeat him. Her personal agenda means everything to her, as she hasn’t thought of another future for herself. While it pains her to do so, Wang Yi can set aside her desires to be a capable general. A bit of a perfectionist, she desires to be punctual and thorough in her endeavours.” — taken from KOEI Wiki

well exactly why I like her. Also, her design and determination is quite like Lightning LOL. I always choose her when I play Dynasty Warriors 8.


7. Shinobu — [Collectors Manga by Nishi Uko] *NEW

Oh Shinobu bby

Oh Shinobu bby

This is a yuri manga (non-explicit stuff) but I absolutely love Shinobu’s blunt personality. She can say some of the most insensitive things but then does the sweetest things as well. I would recommend reading this, it’s easy to finish reading it since it’s just a 4-koma type.

8. Haruka & Michiru / Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune — [Sailor Moon] *NEW



I AM NOT CHEATING. Haruka is with Michiru, Michiru is with Haruka, there’s no separation, it’s blasphemy.

9. Arin — [Pangya] *NEW

10. Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia — [Noblesse] *NEW

11. Jeanne — [Jeanne d’Arc PSP] *NEW

cause I think just putting her picture won’t do this any justice.

12. Orimura Chifuyu — [IS Infinite Stratos]

13. Kiryuin Ragyo — [KILL la KILL] *NEW

Another Kiryuin on my list hahaha. But even though Ragyo is a psychotic bitch, she’s too awesome to be denied a placing on my list.

14. Jill Valentine — [Resident Evil]

15. Hrist — [Valkryie Profile]

16. Hyuuga Mizuki — [Renai Idenshi XX manga] *NEW


Oh Mizuki bby <3 Also from another yuri manga by Zaou Taishi and Eiki Eiki, those two work wonders together.

17. Alphard — [CANAAN]

18. Beatrix — [Final Fantasy IX] *NEW


19. Teresa — [Claymore manga] *NEW

This is somewhat a spoiler but I… can’t I must! This artist also did quite a few Claymore artworks –> LINK HERE

teresa_awakening__by_gooloo0_o-d7u7w9e20. Hachijou Rui– [Code Breaker manga] *NEW


End of my list! I’m not gonna do 25 like before, I think it’s too much. Also, I realize I have a lot of ladies in armor ahaha. There’s quite a lot of new ones since it’s been two years.


2 thoughts on “36 :: Female Crushes [Fictional Edition] NEW

  1. I just wanna say I absolutely love the pig photo for sootsker hahaha. Also, yay for Haruka and Michiru! and Arin! and Beatrix! <3 So much sexiness in this post haha. I'm a sucker for women in armor too ;; Too freaking gorgeous.

    1. Ahaha my friend actually posted that on my Satsuki cosplay or something too funny not to save! I watched the old Sailor Moon for Haruka and Michiru lolol. So much love OTP OTP OTP! I would have ended up listing so many Claymore characters in there and made a whole new list with just them if I didn’t control myself rofl. Armor on women is just too awesome, minus those armor that doesn’t even count as armor <____<

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