38 :: Holiday in Singapore

A very delayed post! Earlier this month (3~6 Oct) I went to Singapore again, but this time with my mom. Mainly to visit my aunt and I also wanted to meet up with my friends and we had a shoot for Barakamon! As usual, my post will be a picture spam of food and selfies haha! But at the end of the post I’ll add more of my shoot photos that I didn’t upload from my previous post.

2014-10-03-18-52-37_photo 2014-10-03-20-04-32_photo 2014-10-03-20-16-44_photo 2014-10-03-20-19-39_photo 2014-10-03-20-24-19_photo 2014-10-03-20-24-33_photo 2014-10-03-20-25-03_photo  2014-10-03-21-24-54_photo

Jasmine, Jovelle, Kelly with her two kids and Xin came to the airport. We had dinner at the airport before I went to my aunt’s place. Couldn’t decide where to go so we ended up at a French restaurant called Poulet. The price was tad on the expensive side but oh my gosh the food was so good, especially the truffle mashed potatoes!! We it had to order another cause it was super delicious. By the time we were done, it was pretty late and we got back to my aunt’s place near midnight.

2014-10-03-22-17-21_photo 2014-10-03-22-16-50_photo 2014-10-03-22-16-33_photo Some selfies before we went our separate ways.

The next day, my aunt had work so we had breakfast together and after that, my mom and I went to meet up with Kelly and then my friend Samantha for pancakes! It was a DIY Pancake place so… I drew some poop LOL.

At Nook's Pancakes

At Nook’s Pancakes

2014-10-04-13-01-42_photo 2014-10-04-12-54-09_photo 2014-10-04-12-53-49_photo 2014-10-04-13-12-27_photo 2014-10-04-13-42-25_photo 2014-10-04-13-24-44_photo 2014-10-04-13-14-15_photo 2014-10-04-13-21-51_photo

As you can see my masterpieces of poop. I mass produced it for Jasmine too haha! The yellow batter was banana flavored, the red was red velvet and green’s pandan. I really like the red velvet one *-*

After the pancakes, we went over to the Chinese/Japanese gardens to meet Vio and Jovelle since Vio was shooting there and Jasmine too later on, wanted to pass her the pancakes but couldn’t contact her (Til later that day anyway) We walked around the area for a bit and I was also scouting the place a little as I had a shoot the next day there.

2014-10-04-15-56-51_photo 2014-10-04-16-14-58_photo didn’t take too many pics though. Went to stop by VivoCity for a little before meeting my aunt and Reiko at Orchard! Mainly to see the Gachapons there haha but sadly they didn’t really have anything I wanted.

Who needs to go Sentosa or Marina Bay when there's a Merlion in Toys R Us

Who needs to go Sentosa or Marina Bay when there’s a Merlion in Toys R Us

Basically we went to Ang Moh Kio after that and had dinner with Samantha, Kelly+her kids, Reiko, my mom and aunt. After Kelly and her kids left, we went to Toastbox to have some coffee while waiting for Jasmine so I could pass her the cold pancakes hahaha! Reiko liked the Red Velvet flavored one as well.

On to the next day! I met up with Jovelle first cause we were staying pretty close to each other at the station and we headed over to the Japanese Gardens together and waited for Jasmine, Reiko, Yumi, Alvin and Sihan to arrive. Our shoot got a little delayed, we were supposed to meet Vio later but instead she came over as well as Kelly haha. Only managed to get some selfies with a few people as I always forget. Very thankful to Yumi, Reiko and Alvin for coming over to help ;w; it was my first time shooting in Singapore as well. Gotta thank the photog Sihan as well haha! Jovelle and Jasmine I love you guysss hope to cosplay together again in the future ♥

2014-10-05-09-39-46_photo 2014-10-05-10-17-30_photo 2014-10-05-10-25-01_photo 2014-10-05-10-25-23_photo 2014-10-05-16-19-29_photo 2014-10-05-13-06-14_photo 2014-10-05-13-04-41_photo 2014-10-05-13-03-21_photo

Went for dinner after the shoot. Akira and Shizuku managed to come over and meet me as well! Super enjoyable dinner with non stop laughter. :c I miss everyone so much, can’t wait to see them again.

2014-10-05-19-16-57_photo 2014-10-05-19-17-25_photo 2014-10-05-19-18-02_photo 2014-10-05-19-18-33_photo 2014-10-05-19-19-52_photo 2014-10-05-19-19-38_photo 2014-10-05-19-19-21_photo 2014-10-05-19-18-59_photo 2014-10-05-19-18-47_photo 2014-10-05-19-20-03_photo

resizeIMG_4232 resizeIMG_4269

Really love these two shots. The weather that day was pretty gloomy, but at least we wouldn’t sweat like hell. Took about 5 hours to finish the shoot I think? Didn’t even look at the time during the shoot. Next Thursday I’ll be heading over to Singapore again, then on Friday, Ming, Akira, Jasmine and I will be heading over to Johor for JCOS. And I’ll be going over to Singapore again after the event for another 2 days in Singapore! Til next time~ I’ll try to update more often. 約束だよ!resizeIMG_4406 copy




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