39 :: Overdued CF Mini 2014

Some of the instax from Day 1!

Some of the instax from Day 1!

This is super super overdued post! I attended CF Mini in Penang cause I heard my friends from Thailand were coming to visit/attend the event! We didn’t actually do much at the event though, except staying at a corner after buying some merchandise we wanted cause it was quite crowded. But of course we managed to entertain ourselves hahaha.  As usual, we were late to the event (at like 2pm+?) and by the time Zea got ready it was probably past 3, but Ming and I were already in the event hall meeting up with some friends.  I had a mini Gintama trio, Beach Samurai version as it was really easy to bring and I didn’t bother bringing complicated costumes there. The three of us actually went outside the event hall area and there was a small fountain, we started taking pictures there with Moo as our photographer (one of the Thai friend as well). Later on, a security guard came over and told us we can’t take pictures there LOL. Lucky for us, we finished our shoot so we just left.

2014-09-27-13-02-42_photo 2014-09-27-17-51-29_photo  2014-09-27-15-18-33_photo 2014-09-27-14-46-10_photo

Three idiots together!

Three idiots together!

Day 2! Ming and I were so so so excited cause we finally get to cosplay Haikyuu!! We’re such big fans and couldn’t wait to actually cosplay the characters at an event!

All ready with Kageyama driving us to the location!

All ready with Kageyama driving us to the location!

We did the same thing on D2 as well, staying at the corner but with quite a few photographer friends there so we took pictures and pretty much just chat. Met a lot of cuties there as well *-* Picture spam ahead.

2014-09-28-15-15-38_photo 2014-09-28-15-12-18_photo 2014-09-28-15-15-58_photo 2014-09-28-15-16-29_photo 2014-09-28-15-40-38_photo 2014-09-28-17-42-20_photo  2014-09-28-14-58-49_photo 2014-09-28-14-58-49_photo

Thanks to Ming's friend for cosplaying Sugamama with us!

Thanks to Ming’s friend for cosplaying Sugamama with us!

The whole trip, we pretty much went eating non stop! but as usual, I never remember to take pictures so this is why I only have selfies from the event. Also met another Kageyama at CF Mini! Hinata is very happy to be able to serve the volleyball to their heads \( ・ω・)/ \( ・ω・)/ \( ・ω・)/

2014-09-28-14-21-50_photo 2014-09-28-14-50-02_photo

YowapedalxHaikyuu. Getting bullied by Maki-chan isn't fun

YowapedalxHaikyuu. Getting bullied by Maki-chan isn’t fun

Also, some photos after we changed out. The Tiger helmet was made by Nok, who also came from Thailand! Super awesome Tiger cosplayer *love*

2014-09-28-19-23-10_photo 2014-09-27-18-44-08_photo 2014-09-27-22-55-11_photo

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