40 :: JCOS & Singapore (again) Pt1

Earlier this month (30th Oct), I flew over to Singapore (again) for… couple of reasons. Mainly, it was to attend JCOS in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Though it’s just a bridge away from Singapore so I pretty much used that excuse to go hang out a couple days in Singapore as well haha! On Friday, Ming, Akira, Jasmine and I headed over to JB. Ashley picked us up from the JB Customs and while in the car… we started laughing at something Akira said.

Jasmine & Ming: Before we enter the hotel room, we need to knock on the door and say excuse me.
Akira: Why?
Jasmine & Ming: In case of ghosts.
Me: I don’t really believe in that kinda stuff but feel free to do anything you guys like.
Akira: But what if someone really answers the door?
Jasmine & Ming: … can you not.
Akira: But really, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
Me, Jasmine & Ming: Getting possessed by the ghost obviously!!
Akira: Oh… Just that? Then it’s fine~ As long as they don’t take my passport and I can get back home then it’s fine.

The whole car bust into laughter after a few seconds of silence hearing that reply. That was pretty much the most epic response we’ve heard so far. (we were staying at the same location as the event location) so we went to check the place out, tiny but there were a lot of HUGE banners around it was pretty cool.
DSC_1626 DSC_1625

Moving on to Day1!

Cosplayed Haru on day 1! There weren’t too many cosplayers there in my opinion. Though the main point I went for JCOS was to see Mayu in person!

If you don’t know who’s Mayu, please check out her WorldCosplay [Mayu 繭]

She doesn’t cosplay too many series but each of the characters she does are so amazing and accurate. Mostly cosplays characters from Sengoku Basara. I’m a huge fan of her Ishida and Date Masamune (also a fan of her photographer 桂 Kei that creates such amazing photos)


Met Shizuku and her friend! Iwatobi all together!!

Met Shizuku and her friend! Iwatobi all together!!

2014-11-01-15-08-53_photo Also met this super super adorable Onoda cosplayer called Starie! I heard she’s from Taiwan but working in Singapore. By far the cutest Onoda I’ve seen *hands down*

All the Yowapedal cosplayers were from Singapore including Jasmine hahaha. I guess the wave hasn’t gotten to Malaysia yet. Hoping to see some Yowapedal (or more Haikyuu) cosplays during CF next month.

2014-11-01-16-31-30_photo There’s also this SUPER ADORABLE Rin (Love Live!) cosplayer. She’s so tiny and I seriously can’t get over how cute she is!  2014-11-01-16-24-37_photo Also, my friend Akira cosplayed Asuka on that day. Look at her cheeks LOL. Makes you just wanna pinch em //////


With Nozomi, cosplayed by Akatsuki Tsukasa(红月司) one of the guests at JCOS! She's really friendly <3

With Nozomi, cosplayed by Akatsuki Tsukasa(红月司) one of the guests at JCOS! She’s really friendly <3

With Rin (cosplayed by H), who is Tsukasa's good friend. *-* Super good looking Rin.

With Rin (cosplayed by H), who is Tsukasa’s good friend. *-* Super good looking Rin.

With Mayu(繭)on Day 1 and 2. HER DATE LOOKS SO GOOD

With Mayu(繭)on Day 1 and 2. HER DATE LOOKS SO GOOD

Last but not least, the 4th guest, Reika. Which is in the featured image above. I’ll be making a separate post for Day 2 (as well as my trip in Singapore) as this is getting a little too long I think. Will end with a full body picture of Mayu (P: Jasmine)


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