43 :: Post CF + Haikyuu!! Shoot


Pewpewunicorn12 and JQ are masters in posing

The nights after the events are usually even more enjoyable than the event itself (*≧▽≦) Visiting other people’s hotel rooms cause most of the attendees would stay in the same/nearby hotels. We probably laughed and made so much noise to the point we actually got complained (whoops) but all is good!

We walked around the mall area on Monday. Of course we had to have more Snowflake. Your trip to KL isn’t complete without Snowflake is what I’d say!
2014-12-27-21-13-27_photo 2014-12-26-10-52-23_photo

DSC_1759 Actually bumped into Xan愛人 after JQ, pewpew(Hanna) and I finished our lunch at KLCC ヾ(・ω・*)ノ She was with a group of people though. Pewpew needed to go to a money changer but I wanted to stay with Xan for a bit so we said to meet at Kinokuniya later. I think I stayed too long?? and JQ and pewpew actually came back to the food court and found me there (I’m sorry!)

Fast forwarding the time, at night I went to help out at Ming’s shoot (for her Christmas vers. of Nozomi) at i-City I think. The lights there were so pretty though!


With JQ and Alex(photographer)

We stayed at a friend’s house (Miko) that night and left for Penang the next day. Went to Gurney Plaza to meet up with the photog and we commenced our shoot (・∀・)

DSC_1789 DSC_1792 DSC_1803
We went for a shoot around the mall plus arcade. I’ll post some of the finished photos in another post!

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