49 :: Eli and more Eli

As some of you may, or may not know, Ayase Eli is my absolute favorite in Love Live. I’ve cosplayed her at an event before as mentioned in my previous post. This is mostly a comparison post from the 3 Eli makeups I did.

2014-12-12-00-14-31_photoThe picture on the left is when I first got my wig and did a test.
I think it was also the first time I used fake lashes on a character. It MAY look somewhat similar to the next image I’m posting but I do think this is messier? compared to the proper one I did on the day of the event. Oh and I think I stacked two layers of falsies for this test.

DSC_1720Next up is the makeup I did on the event day. Given I had quite a lot of time cause I was waiting for people so I did the makeup slowly. (I tend to go FAS)
To be TRUE and HONEST, I liked the makeup for this. It looks like any other female makeup maybe. but the eyeliner and overall was really tidy (to me at least) and I managed to put 3 layers of falsies on this time! Achievement unlocked.  Though I did shave off my eyebrows for this to get the accurate color instead of dark brows for a blond character (Unless you’re 強い! like Fuku-chan. Sorry Yowapedal reference)


2014-12-22-23-47-57_photoLast but not least, a rocker version of Eli from a fanart I saw on Facebook. I took my wig out and suit immediately after I saw it. Much much simpler (and 10x faster) makeup cause she looked pretty manly in that fanart. Usual eyeliner to elongate the eyes and heavier contouring on the nose, voila!

Will probably post the Psycho Pass shoot photos of YayoixShion as I realize I haven’t posted them!


One thought on “49 :: Eli and more Eli

  1. This is a magnificent post. Were this a Facebook comment, I would make multiple accounts so I could like it over and over… Were this novel in a bookstore, I would buy out the entire supply… Were this an obscure language, I would dedicate myself to learning it solely for the purpose of communicating it to others… Were this a zombifying virus, I would volunteer as patient zero to ensure it reaches the masses.

    Words cannot describe the beauty and aestheticism of your post. Never have I beheld such TRUTH and HONESTY that makes my heart beat so FAS. As I type this comment, tears stream down my eyes — not only because I am overcome by emotion, but also because I am currently running so fas that my eyes are watering.

    Redditus est nobis ire ieiunium

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