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(slight repetition from my previous post)
If you follow me on my social media (mainly private Twitter though), you might have known that I fell deep into The Legend of Korra pit, even deeper into shipping Korra and Asami cause they’re just perfect together. I’ve actually even sketched a fanart of them, in the process of coloring it now, I’m a slow painter.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.48.16 PM

It’s been really long since I’ve used Photoshop to paint (since I’ve been using Painter) so it’s somewhat hard to get used to. Other than that, it’s been great working on this machine cause it’s so snappy.

Yesterday, I visited the Apple Retailer here to kinda check out the Retina MacBooks since the new ones are gonna be released in Mid-April. So they prices for the current Macs went down (EOL ones). I couldn’t decide between a Surface Pro 3 (128GB vers. with 4GB RAM — RM3299+cover RM409), MacBook Air 13 (256GB vers. with 4GB RAM — EOL RM3799) and MacBook Pro 13 Retina (128GB vers. with 8GB RAM — EOL RM3999). Pretty much ended up with the Retina cause of the specs plus my graphic tablet seems to be working just fine until now. Gotta say, the screen is really beautiful.

439228 10467011_880769361961801_8785002871673112777_o
Left: When I just got it out of the box. ll Right: After setting up. YES KORRASAMI /coughs/

Anyways on to the post that has to do with the title. I’ve been spending hours on deviantart just looking at fanarts of the series… but in this post, I’ll mainly be linking the illustrations of Korra and Asami (or together hehehehe)

korrasami__by_talitapersi-d8fix3e(Left:) Korrasami by talitapersi

This artwork is one of my favorites so I’m posting it first! (it’s even my phone wallpaper) Their sleeping expressions are just so precious /sweats/

korra_by_loputon-d8bjczh(Right:) Korra by Loputon

Look at how badass Korra looks here. The details in her hair, that intense stare, that jawline, the color.
(Left:) Asami Sato by ae-rie

Asami looks electrifying here. (horrible pun intended) I really liked how the artist painted this one. The rough blending and colors especially. Would love to blend like this but I somehow end up smoothing everything out. She actually looks like a villain from a superhero movie here, not that I’m complaining cause that’s hot.

korrasami_selfie___color_by_tamura-d8f508q(Above:) Korrasami Selfie by Tamura
The amount of cuteness in this illustration is just too high! Those spirits photobombing/joining in the selfie is perfect. The previous illustrations I linked are darker so this one really lightens the mood.


Equalist AU by eli-ishere


You Showoff by Yiuokami



Korrasami~~~! by thewordlesssignature


Korra and Asami by Keyade

And I’ll end off with another a beautiful artwork of Asami (yes again)

705d65f644e16a7d37134e28fb71dc06-d5ddxos Asami Sato by Artipelago

I honestly really liked Asami, she’s kind, caring, understanding, pretty much just perfect /gross sobbing/ Definitely the dream girl, anyone is lucky to have her!

The artist painted a lot of TLoK artworks so please check out their page!

Hopefully by the next post, I’ll be close to finishing the fanart!

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