52 :: Life Diary (3)

So I haven’t had much progress with my Korrasami painting, cause I kept wanting to change how Korra looks in the sketch. Tried several times yet it still didn’t look right that I might have to redo it completely.

In other news, my AmiAmi order arrived today. No figures for this month though, only a nendoroid odekake pouch and a phone charm.

11077387_883705031668234_7681172168409154838_o 11043313_883594288345975_4320895823828314770_o
Just look at these babies.

(left) Odekake Pouch Sleeping bag ft. Yazawa Nico!

(right) “Bocchi-kun” Inaho Valentine ver. (Bocchi-kun is a series based on the concept of “a lonely posed character with sulky expression pretending to be okay but lonely at heart” using newly illustrated illustration by Ren Aokita.)


The sleeping bag pouch can also fit the whole nendoroid’s head. It’s just as cute!!

Nendoroid Odekake Pouch Sleeping Bag Red Ver. on AmiAmi

Also, Saber Extra, aka Nero from Fate/EXTRA is getting another figure (by ALTER) in her really cute swimsuit! This time as a 1/6 scale figure. So even though she’s kneeling, she’ll stand approximately 18cm tall (drool)


Photo from: AmiAmi

I am weak. I held back for a day not clicking the order button but I finally gave in.

Link to AmiAmi here >>>> Fate/EXTRA – Saber Extra Swimsuit Ver. 1/6 Complete Figure

2 thoughts on “52 :: Life Diary (3)

  1. OMGAHHHHH. That nendo sleeping bag is too freaking cute T___T And oh my, dat SEIBA figure is super sexy. That’s a nice size for it too *heavybreathing

    1. I know righttt!!! Gonna be putting more nendos in the sleeping bag to take pictures hahaha. I tried to look for something I wouldn’t like in the figure (like the face looking weird at some angles) but this is just too perf /heavy breathing intensifies.

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