54 :: Final Fantasy 零式 (+FFXV)

As mentioned in my previous post, I got a PS4 on the 26 of March. The store I usually visit ordered the Final Fantasy Type-0 version for me *-*

Super eggcited when I collected this bby.

The price was somewhat higher than the normal PS4, plus the warranty isn’t available due to being a Japanese console. But still it was worth it! (to me)

This console came with the game, but of course it was in Japanese. I knew enough to get by but to fully grasp the experience+storyline I just had to get the English one as well.

(left) The English version ll (right) JP Special edition

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(left) JP vers. (right) EN vers.

The Japanese version disc came with a nice booklet, some ads and a free 14-day subscription to PS+, which is pretty awesome. Also came with a demo for the long awaited Final Fantasy XV (girls don’t wet your panties). Slightly disappointing, the English version only had a piece of paper inside with the demo code for FFXV. However, I do like the disc design.

I used the code from the Japanese disc, and probably giving the demo code to my friend that’s gonna purchase a PS4 within the month. You could easily pic the language from the demo code so it’s probably the same for all.

To be honest, I thought the gameplay for FFXV was so-so. The battle system is similar to Kingdom Hearts/Crisis Core with more free roaming. But each battle takes WAAAAAY too long to finish, I felt like during the demo, my whole time was mostly wasted there. 40% of the time = battles that can’t end. 40% = running from one end of the large map to another end. 20% the story/cutscenes. That’s basically the summary of the demo. I did not like it much, even the short demo for FFXIII was better (I might still be bias). Technically, I wouldn’t say that I won’t buy the game when it comes out, but I’m definitely not hyped about it. I was SUPER hyped when Type-0 HD was announced for PS4, and now that there’s a possibility of a Type-1 game, I’m even more pumped. Hopefully, there’ll be more news of it in the near future.

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