56 :: Friends are Great

I don’t say this enough, but I feel really blessed to have a lot of amazing friends. Some I’ve known for maybe 10 years or more (you guys know who you are!) some for only a few months.

Recently a friend of mine, Ren did a drawing based on a photo I posted on Facebook before!11145963_768523553255351_739831926_n


So talented!!

I’ve done sketches and illustrations of some friends before but this is indeed the very first time someone else drew me so I feel really touched (ノД`)・゜・。

Here’s the full drawing!!

Once again, thank you so much Renny!!!

I’ve also received a (belated) Chinese New Year’s card from a friend in Singapore in the mail.

2015-04-14-14-04-19_photoI kept laughing the at #chestpain #lapdance hashtags. It was an inside joke among the few of us during an event called JCOS Party in Johor. That night the few of us kept laughing for about 4 hours straight (but that wasn’t the end) until our insides hurt. Can’t wait to see them again for another laugh session.

Speaking of art, with the help of Taikyo, the Korrasami art was redone. So I had to paint it from scratch again.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.25.58 PMI only realized the size is a little too small (72dpi only too!!) so I might have to enlarge it again. But it’s definitely going in the direction I want. Hopefully, I’ll have more progress next time!



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