57 :: Bangkok Arrival

I’m finally in the hotel, took a shower and laid down with a face mask on. It’s 3.30am (Bangkok time) so basically my body thinks it’s 4.30am according to Malaysian timing.

I took Malaysian Airlines to Bangkok this time. Previously I only took budget airlines (AirAsia mostly). Have to say, the experience was less than pleasant. Not complaining about the flight, in-flight services was definitely good. What I’m complaining about would be a 2 things listed below.

1. Delayed

So my flight is from Penang, which will land in KLIA and transit to Bangkok Survanabumi Airport. The flight from Penang was supposed to be 19:50 (arrival 20:50) and the next connecting flight 22:15. So I’d have about 30~45minutes to move from a domestic gate, to the immigration and to my international flight gate right? But no. I got a text saying my flight was delayed to 20:10, didn’t sound too bad, 20 minutes less okay. When I went in the gate, they had another announcement and my flight got delayed AGAIN to 2035. I asked the ground crew if I’ll make it in time for my connecting flight and they assured me I’ll make it. (boarding was 21:15 and I’m only landing at 21:35 estimate) Guess what, by the time I arrived at KLIA, it was 21:50 and I had to rush all the way to the other gate (walk at normal speed might take 10~15 mins mind you) and have to go through a long queue of immigration checks.

Luckily they saw the horrible queue and opened another 3 counters so it sped things up a little. The gate for my flight was at the very very end so it took sometime to even walk there. They waited for the transit passengers so basically, the people in the plane were just looking at you since the whole flight was delayed cause of us. The rest of the flight was of course, pleasant. I was watching a little of Spongebob the movie. But that’ll be for another post.

2. Baggage delay

So what was worse? My luggage that I checked in got delayed. FREAKING DELAYED. As if my delayed flights weren’t bad enough and I had to deal with delayed luggage. Pretty much all my stuff are inside. Thankfully I had my backpack with me and I have an extra shirt inside as well as my contact lenses/solution and whatnot that’s more important. I’m also bunking at a friend’s hotel on that night so at least I get to borrow some toiletries like facial washes. They informed me the bag will arrive at around 10:30am the next day, we shall see. If they were to deliver it, it would only arrive at 2pm or after. Will head to the airport to pick up another friend and try to wait until 10:30am to see if my luggage arrives. Not sure if I’ll travel with them again if I’m experiencing so many problems with their delays.

Malaysian timing really, even with their own airline ugh.


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