58 :: Bangkok Day 2

It’s been about a week since I came back to Malaysia, I’ve been procrastinating to update haha. Anyways, despite the shitty arrival I experienced on Wednesday, I didn’t want it to affect my trip.

2015-04-30-09-51-32_photoOn Thursday morning, I went to the airport again with Ash to pick up another friend that’s flying in and also to get my luggage at 10:30am (they were quite on time I guess?) We went back to the hotel after settling all my luggage issues and just hung out around until afternoon.

(right) With Romeo at the airport’s Subway lol.

The few of us went our separate ways after the hotel.

Ming and Aoi went to hunt for fabrics, Ash’s group to meet with another friend, Romeo and I were just super excited to head to a cat cafe!


Arrived at Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok!

This cafe’s definitely bigger than the one I went to last year (though, the other one was more relaxing in my opinion). On the porch, there were some kitties just lazing around, it’s just so cute! There’s also a huge statue of their most popular cat, Katchup right in front. We named him Jabba the cat though cause he’s just so fat.

2015-04-30-16-01-23_photo Here’s Jabba with his squishy fat face. The whole time we were at the cafe, he was just sleeping. Not to mention he’s a big cat so he took like half of my table (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) He was super adorable and I keep wanting to poke his belly.

Here are some other pics I took at the cafe. Not uploading all of them here cause there’s too many.

2015-04-30-16-22-15_photo 2015-04-30-16-26-37_photo 2015-04-30-16-39-30_photo 2015-04-30-17-00-45_photo

After that, we just hung out with our friends until night time. Funny thing that happened that night was that Ming and Aoi came over to our hotel room (they stayed next door) and we were discussing what time we should head over to Thailand Comic Con at Siam Paragon the next day and… we ended up talking nonsense and gossiping until 4am. In the end, we just said, we’ll decide when we wake up hahaha! Next post will be on Day 3 Bangkok!

PS. AFATHxBangkok Comic Con and Thailand Comic Con are two different conventions held at different venues but on the same weekend 。゜(`Д´)゜。

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