59 :: Bangkok Day 3

It’s Day 3!!  FRIDAY! We were supposed to go to Thailand Comic Con. I said “supposed” cause even though we slept around 4 or 5am (I slept at 5.30am actually), somehow I woke up at 9am+ automatically. So I just browsed Facebook. I also sent a text to Ming next door to see if she’s awake/what time she wants to go to TCC. I came across a friend that posted the queue for Comic Con.

Long story short > “Hey can we not go? Too lazy.” > “yeah… me too. Let’s just be lazy and stay in our rooms until lunch.” That’s pretty much what happened hahaha.

We went out around 1.30pm or 2. I don’t remember too well and headed over to Terminal 21 which is one of my favorite malls in Bangkok. 2015-05-01-19-29-56_photo

2015-05-01-15-33-24_photoWe picked a random shop because “Have A Zeed” there was full (it was one of my favorite restaurants cause the milk tea there is heavenly!!)

Ended up going to a restaurant called “Yum Sap”? or something similar to this name, I don’t remember haha. But the food there was just meh, I wouldn’t go there again. After lunch, we went to a cake shop called Mr Jones’ Orphanage Cake Shop. Would have preferred going to the main branch at Seenspace on Thonglor Soi 13 but this branch will do since it’s so far away.



We ordered some stuff to share around.

2015-05-01-16-38-26_photo 2015-05-01-16-38-35_photo 2015-05-01-16-40-32_photo 2015-05-01-16-46-41_photo

The interior of the cafe (from outside)

The interior of the cafe (from outside)

After that, we went on our journey (love quest for those who get it) to visit ALL the toilets in Terminal 21. I might have mentioned this before, but I’ll just say it again. All the toilets in T21 are themed (also fully equipped with bidets haha) Each floor according to a city and has two sides to it. Here are some of the photos I took. Not even posting all the toilets here hahaha.

2015-05-01-17-37-26_photo 2015-05-01-17-37-37_photo 2015-05-01-17-37-47_photo 2015-05-01-17-42-07_photo 2015-05-01-18-20-55_photo 2015-05-01-18-21-35_photo 2015-05-01-18-22-50_photo 2015-05-01-17-57-01_photo 2015-05-01-19-14-54_photo 2015-05-01-18-27-55_photo

We also bought tons of snacks from a shop cause the stuff there were cheap. Met up with friends at night and we had dinner, and again, gossip and talking until 4am!

Next post, we’ll FINALLY attend an event (cause we already bought tickets LOL)

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