6 :: Bangkok Travels (pt1)

So I went to Bangkok, Thailand again as it’s my favorite place to go for a vacation! This time my brother tagged along (and we met up with a friend of my from the Philippines)


Of course, my main purpose of visiting Bangkok again is to meet my amazing friends. (and amazing food to be eaten). For the first night, we managed to meet up with Zea (Zeasonal) before she left for Laos!  We went to this place called Jeffer Steak. My friend Romeo and I (and my brother) went crazy over the name Jeffer. *If you watched Catbug/Dramabug, you’ll understand the reference.

I had the pork and beef cutlets, which tasted amazing by the way. Not a Thai dish for the day but still it was really good.

——————Day 2———————-

2014-03-14-10-29-27_deco      2014-03-14-13-34-25_photo

I saw a sign saying “Jasmine City”, Jasmine is a good friend of mine so of course I’ll be taking a photo like this lol. (also thank you Zea for the bracelet >///<)

We went to Chinatown in the morning til afternoon, trying to look for Pirom Plaza but we failed so ended up chilling at Shanghai Mansion’s Coffee Bean. The lighting there was… good, thus the Mako photo. *For those who watches Kill la Kill, again, you’ll get the reference haha.

2014-03-14-13-27-56_photoComfy setting at Coffee Bean there. Then we headed over to the Golden Buddha, but did not enter. Walked around outside while trying to find someone that knows where Pirom Plaza is.

DSC_1027Later on, we just got on a TukTuk (something like a bike for 2-4 passengers, definitely a fun experience if you ever visit Thailand) and the guy insisted on bringing us to another temple, where we met a businessman whom insisted on us going to a place called Color Gems as it’s only open to the public for a week every year. It’s a place that sells rubies and sapphire and other jewels.

We finally gave up on looking for Pirom Plaza and went to another cafe before we had to meet up with my friends for dinner.2014-03-14-16-04-02_photoWe went to Au Bon Pain… because Romeo liked the fact the word “Pain” is there (He’s a masochist LOL). The Strawberry Yogurt was delicious by the way.

2014-03-14-19-41-54_photo      2014-03-14-19-52-55_photo

We met up with my friends at a mall near Asoke BTS called Terminal 21 and had dinner there. I don’t quite remember the name of the restaurant ;;

Thai cuisine! Too bad Romeo couldn’t enjoy it cause he has zero tolerance for spicy food. And the photo above, I really thought it was papaya milk, but it was actually milk tea!! The slices that looks like papaya, ice. It tasted amazing too.

2014-03-14-20-31-28_deco 2014-03-14-20-32-36_photo 2014-03-14-20-27-06_photo 2014-03-14-20-27-01_photoThe day isn’t complete until we get dessert! This was at Scoma’s. The decor really impressed me, especially the tables being made from old sewing machines! We ordered the melon cake and rose cake, both were great matched with Earl Grey tea.

2014-03-14-21-57-14_photo 2014-03-14-22-00-07_photo

Of course, the best thing at Terminal 21… THE TOILETS. I’m serious, they have a different theme on every floor, even a different theme on the east and west sides. I only managed to get pictures of two as they were closing. Sorry for the weird poses, we’re weird people.

We ended the night playing drinking card games ;3 Shall continue the other days in another post.






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