61 :: Bangkok Day 5 (final)

The final post for my trip to Bangkok! I’ll be able to update about my trip to Kuala Lumpur/C2AGE 2015 after this haha.


The only foreigners at the Haikyuu Only event in Bangkok! Singapore+Malaysia+Philippines

DSC_1918After getting ready in the morning, we headed off to the Haikyuu only event. Main reason for the Bangkok trip was for this event itself, so we didn’t slack and be lazy haha.

When we reached the station from the MRT, we didn’t really know which way to head to, but we spotted a Kuroo cosplayer (in sunglasses) and decided to just follow. We got on the escalator and the cosplayer turned over to me and waved, so I assumed something like “oh maybe she’s just saying hi since we’re going to the same event.” When I got close enough, then I only realized it was a friend of mine, PD. (picture on the left)

 DSC_1915  DSC_1922 DSC_1927 DSC_1928

At the event, there were so many Kuroo/Kenma cosplayers haha. But the foreigner gang were all Karasuno! It was a small event but the fandom is super strong and there were quite a lot of merchandise. We got some pretty cute tote bags and the seller was super friendly, he approached us later on to give us a couple of gachapons ;; Thank you so much! Also met a cosplayer that I’ve been following on Instagram for quite awhile now (@oya_san) and she looks just as awesome in real life.

The event ended pretty early? and since we had time, we decided to head to AFA again to try and meet my group of friends that I didn’t manage to meet on the previous days. It was a pretty long journey cause the Haikyuu event was at the most north of the line and AFA was at most south. Still, it was worth the trip!

DSC_1929 DSC_1930 DSC_1931 DSC_1933

I managed to meet some friends that I haven’t seen for quite a long time. Kuruna as Rin (since Cosfest 2013), Qiuyun as Umi (since December 2012) and Aum as Eren (since SNK Only event in 2013) so it was awesome seeing them again!DSC_1936

Brother from another mother in his amazing Archer cosplay (and super cute Umi photobombing lol)

We pretty much just chilled at a corner cause Aoi was already dying haha. All the late nights of working on cos and then gossiping too much KO’ed her. Then three Touken Ranbu cosplayers just walked right in front of us and had a small shoot near our area. Ming and I just stared really long at the Kogi and Jiji cause they looked so familiar.

DSC_1938 DSC_1939 DSC_1941 DSC_1943

DSC_1945My Thai friend then told us “That’s Hey and Seiz. Veteran cosplayers in Thailand.”

For a moment I was just stunned and then asked again “Hey as in Heyleydia??!!” and he showed me her page to confirm it. //bows in awe// Cause Heyleydia is a cosplayer that I’ve been following for a long time (actually since I started) and I never expected to actually see her in person. They were both super friendly and I’m happy to manage to get a selfie with them both.

(photo: Left: Seiz ; Right: Heyleydia)

In the evening, my friends- Jang, Ben and Xeiji finally came out from their competition (and we already cos’ed down by then haha) and headed to BBQ Plaza after for dinner. Glad I managed to meet up with them before I left Thailand.

DSC_1947 DSC_1949 DSC_1950

My flight was at 6am so I headed to the airport in the middle of the night with another group of friends as my travel mates were staying for another day or two. Wished I could have stayed longer but work :c The flight and transit back was smooth with no delays. Can’t wait to go Thailand again!



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