62 :: KL Arrival

IMG_0054Earlier this month, on the 3rd of June, I took a night flight after work and flew down to Kuala Lumpur about 3 days earlier before the convention. It was my first time taking Malindo’s flight, it was all smooth and pretty punctual. (also the plane was tiny! But at least it’s comfy to some extent hahaha)

Funny story when I arrived, cause it was my first time at the SZB airport. When I landed I texted 爱人 and mentioned I’ll be out after getting my luggage. Guess what? I walked straight out and realize it was already the exit sign LOL. I had to make a u-turn and the guard approached me (cause it was a no entry area) and asked what’s wrong, so I asked if the baggage claim was only in that one small area. The answer was yes. The area was so small, I’m not even kidding. It was about 6 or 7ft only, and they wrote “International” there so I assumed the domestic flight baggage would be elsewhere hahaha. Very much an akatuki moment after I landed (inside joke for those that get it)

So fast forward to Thursday because on Wednesday night 爱人 and I pretty much did nothing but talk haha ;;;  We met up with Weiss for brunch and I was -supposed- to collect my stuff from her, but she forgot and left it in her brother’s car (good job LOL) But yayyyy Klang Bak Kut Teh, 2nd time in my life!IMG_0059
We basically just hung out at a mall after eating. Wanted to watch a movie, but timing was pretty bad and we had to attend a friend’s birthday party at night. So we tried to look for SunJing’s shoes. Horrible luck that, the shoes that’s needed were somehow all sold out or discontinued after going to 2 stores. In the end, we just make-do with whatever shoes possible hahaha and spent the remaining time to paint the shoes with a red sharpie.

Night time~ I think we went to Garage 51? for the friend’s surprise party, it was a success 😀


Photo credits to Joseph

I wanted to continue the post to Friday and C2AGE on Saturday/Sunday but it’s getting a little too long so I’ll make a separate post for it!

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