67 :: Maki

IMG_1506From my last post I mentioned that my Maki nendoroid has arrived! It actually took me more than 2 weeks to get it opened cause, 1. I either got distracted or 2. I got really lazy and the motivation always comes before I had to go to bed. 

This nendo of Maki is seriously too cute, especially that blushing face! Also, I finally completed my BiBi group as well. I didn’t do a proper shoot for Maki yet, but I did take one photo (above) and there’s the result and how I actually took the photo hahaha. Setting up so many lights behind would be a lot of work and I don’t have so many bulbs as well. Finding a bokeh background and set it on my laptop worked so well! I also got those LED lights from Daiso and they’re pretty good for lighting up smaller sized figures.

Quite like how the photo turned out, it’s a little grainy since I took the photo with my phone. This expression would work perfectly together with Nico’s wink/kissy face. MakixNico yesss. Maybe I’ll take a set of photos in the future if I’m not lazy.


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