68 :: It’s Really Just Food


My friend and I basically went to a cafe called Taipei Taipei, nothing amazing about the food or drinks but I’ll just have a photo spam here anyways.

2015-09-26_19-08-07 2015-09-26_19-09-00
[beef noodles] This was nothing special, I do like the noodles but overall the beef was bland and overcooked, it was hard to chew. Didn’t think it’s worth the price (which I don’t remember now cause it was a few weeks back but it wasn’t that cheap)

2015-09-26_19-08-23 2015-09-26_19-04-43
[left] My friend ordered that, it was a chicken katsu-type of meal? it was just average but edible.
[right] Possibly the only thing I liked, their bubble milk tea! It was just milk tea but really just the best thing among the other items I had.

2015-09-26_20-03-45 2015-09-26_20-03-33
[Vienna Coffee] It was meeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh nope. Just NOPE.

2015-09-26_20-10-16 2015-09-26_20-04-24
[left] PANCAKESSSSSSSSS. I was so excited for pancakes, but I was disappointed when I tasted it. They used melted brown sugar instead of maple syrup. It tasted meh on the pancakes. Don’t even get me started on the pancakes, it wasn’t fluffy at all and I had a hard time cutting through the 3 layers with my fork and knife. At least the ice cream and cream was nice.
[right] The coffee my friend order, I don’t remember what it was (I think it was hazelnut) and it was decent. Could find better coffee elsewhere for a lower price than here.

2015-09-26_19-51-19 2015-09-26_19-51-06
Overall, I don’t think I’ll be going back there again for a long time unless my friend insists on going haha.

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