72 :: Where to find fabric and EVA foams in Jakarta?

Pasar Tanah Abang (Tanah Abang Market)! I wouldn’t have found the shops to get the foams if its not for my Indonesian friends’ help. (Thank you so much, Sora!)

Local name: Busa Ati

Or better known as EVA foam. Some of us know it as the shoe sole sheets, funsheets, rubber sheets or even craft foam. To my understanding, this sheet actually comes in different quality and material. Some are more porous, some are more compact while some are more rubbery.

These foams from Jakarta were mainly used to make hats or songkok (a kind of kopiah Muslim men wears). So its commonly found in hat material suppliers. And they are more rubbery than foamy.

So if you’re in town and looking for one, you can just say ‘busa ati untuk buat topi’. We had a hard time asking the locals about busa ati. xD

Price: (As of Nov 2015) 30,000 IDR per piece of 2mm thickness. One piece is about 1.2m x 2.5m.

50,000 IDR per piece of 4mm thickness. One piece is also about 1.2m x 2.5m

Hag-gable? YES! 30k & 50k IDR was the offered price. We didnt haggle for lower price cuz we only got a few piece instead of the normal bulk of 10 pieces.


What sort of cosplay can you make from this?

Professional hardcores make this



Also in Tanah Abang, you can even find all sorts of fabrics and accessories under one roof! It was definitely every cosplayer’s haven.


-6.187671, 106.814322


To be exact, the fabrics are mostly located in B2 of Block A and Block B. Accessories are scattered around the block but mainly the top floors. There is only Block A, B and C.

The shops that sells the EVA foam/sheets are right opposite of the main big mosque. Shops only opens from 9AM sharp to 430PM sharp.

Be warned: The place is HUGE! From the maps you can even see that the building itself is bigger than Grand Indonesia, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta.

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