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20160214_212800It’s been a long time since I updated! I actually drafted another post about my trip to Osaka but I procrastinated so much it’s been almost 2 months ;;; And Weiss managed to update her trip to Osaka as well 8D So that’ll do for now.

Anyways, anyone played Life Is Strange?? I’m super late to the fandom cause I had to control my spending before I went to Japan. I’ve only finished the game once (and I’ll replay it after I finish some of the Arkham Knight DLCs!) but I really enjoyed the game, some parts were tedious but still considered pretty easy. Great game to play for the story, even though there are a lot of unexplained things.

I loved both Max and Chloe in the game! Really wanna cosplay both characters but I don’t have their wigssss. I managed to borrow a blue wig from my friend though. The color was too light for Chloe but nothing Photoshop can’t fix for a test :3

First of all, I need to rave about these lashes *^* I got them when I was in Osaka, from a shop called Assist Wig. They specialize in cosplay-related stuff. So this is called Boys Lash and as you can tell from the name, it’s mainly meant for male character cosplays, we can all be a long-lashed bishounen!


Boys Lash (Assist Wig)

lashes2The lashes are actually super soft, and surprisingly quite easy to apply. I suck at putting on falsies cause i’m really not used to it. But it only took me 2 tries to get it on right. The lashes are straight in general but it curls up slightly at the end of it.

You can tell from the photo on the left that the lashes makes quite some difference. Top is without and bottom is with. My lashes by itself is relatively long but in photos they’re meaningless, trust me on that lol.

So if you have the chance to get these lashes, I definitely recommend it! They’re not only useful for male characters but female ones as well if you’re planning on the sultry look/for stronger, less girly looking eyes on females.

Going back to the other test photos, here are the last 2. Shall try to work on my trip post soon~

20160214_213325 20160214_212715

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