I’m not the type of person that gets a lot of dreams, so usually when I do, I remember them, and pretty detailedly too. So anyway, this dream was something new, probably one I never gotten before so why not share it out? Though it’s pretty start to start the story cause the dream started right in the middle with no explanation whatsoever.

[Warning: It is a violent dream?]

The dream started off right in the middle of a mansion, or a hall. But seems like I was in the middle of a party. (a tame one, with champagne and shit, not with shots and people running naked okay)

So I wandered around the place, trying to figure out where I was or what I was doing there. No luck. So I just stayed within the crowd, getting a drink in my hand. Someone, I can’t remember who anymore stood up the tiny stage in the middle of the hall and started making some announcements where all of a sudden she spasmed. Everyone panicked and then saw her falling to her knees. Her head was tilted up and facing the ceiling with the expression as if she just gotten a revelation or something.

The crowd was getting louder and louder and it went silent after they realized the lady regained consciousness. Some kind guy tried to help her out, and things went down to shit after. She got violent and started clawing the guy’s chest, or insides out. Before we continue, no this isn’t the zombie apocalypse. They’re human, crazy, probably infected by something but yes crazy violent and alive. Being perfectly calm somehow, I took a gun out from my shirt. Don’t ask, it’s a dream so I don’t even know how I have a handgun. The scene in the hall wasn’t pretty. People taking objects, like lamps or knives from the kitchen and started killing each other, or pretty much whoever started to act like they were “infected”? or so.

Moving behind sofas, or pillars (it was a huge place) I made my way upstairs safely. At that moment I thanked all the time I spent playing stealth games and horror games maybe. Someone made it up the stairs as well but they seemed normal, wasn’t violent at all and probably scared to death. But as soon as we made eye contact, he fell on his knees. Again, that look as if he gotten revelation. So at that time I think I was prepared to shoot his brains out. He lunged towards me and so I aimed and took a shot. In my dream, I had pretty great aim it seems. So it was a headshot and his brains bursted out in front of me.

Of course that freaked me out a little and I got a little out of breath. But I knew I had to get out so I continued making my way to find an exit. The cops busted in pretty soon after the chaos started. They managed to take a lot of them down but we were still outnumbered. A lot of fallen cops on the first floor so it was a no go. I took cover behind table where there was another cop, “infected”, trying to kill me. I wasted bullets there trying to take him out but I did. I picked up his machine gun and handgun that were on him as I’ve ran out. Then, I heard a few of them making their way towards me so I ran into the bathroom.

This bathroom had two stalls in there. And I tried to look for a window to climb out or something. I heard an evil laughter from the back. I turned around and took several steps back and prepared to shoot. It was a familiar face. A face I knew from college.

Let’s call her JJ in this scene. So JJ never liked me from the start for no reason. We were the only 2 people that came from the same town but never knew each other. Probably opposites, she was the type that worked so hard and always gotten good results, also a brown noser I might add. I’m the type that does things pretty late and don’t give a fuck (but still gotten results like hers) so maybe that’s why we never gotten along, or even talked throughout the 3 years.

Continuing on to the story, I turned around and saw her. And immediately I knew she was one of them and started shooting her with the machine gun. BUT, there was no sign of damage inflicted upon her. I decided not to waste any bullets and just, wait for whatever happens next. Guess what she said to me…

I wouldn’t waste this precious gift on you. So I’ll just let you get wasted by these small fry.

In my mind, I was just thinking… gift? So this could be passed on or you could infect someone with it? Before I could collect my thoughts, a few tiny “infected” made their way into the bathroom. I ran into the stall and locked it. Those tiny rampagers were strong and clawed a hole into the door. When I saw their faces, I noticed these were kids that I knew, the ones from my mom’s kindergarten. There were about 4 of them and I am pretty much almost out of bullets. I reached out for the pen in my pocket and stabbed it through the face of one of the kids several times that almost made their way in, or at least the head. She was tough to take out. Stabbing with a pen didn’t work at all. I didn’t want to get chewed on by tiny demons. With the back of the machine gun, I slammed it into another kid’s face to get her to back off, and used my remaining bullets to take down the other 2.

The alarm started blaring and… that’s when I woke up. Dammit, I really wanted to know if I could actually escape from this, even in my dreams. But it was pretty kickass, to me at least.

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