73 :: Journey to Osaka (day 0)

I’ve been counting down the days to this trip, so yes I’ve been that excited. This is also by far my longest trip overseas.
So how it started off, I booked bus tickets to KLIA. Which is where my flight is going to depart, since there’s only one direct bus a day (11.45pm every night) I took the one on the 23rd. I would definitely miss my flight if I took the one on the 24th as my flight is early in the morning.

The night of the 23rd didn’t start out great. The bus was really late, and I found out the bus that was supposed to come broke down so they switched to another one which is a less comfortable one. 30seater changed to a 40seater and by the time it got here the bus was kinda full. So I took the seat at the most back cause I didn’t wanna sit with most of the guys there (plus they had some B.O)


This is the bus situation. But
I’m determined not to let it affect my night. In the middle of night, maybe around 2am? The dude in front of me pushed his seat down really FAS and hit my knee. Almost shouted at that bastard.
The bus probably speeded the whole way because I managed to arrive around 7.30am at the airport despite them stopping at a few other places to drop off other passengers. After I got to the airport I stored my luggage. Rm40 for a day qwq but I’ll probably get my money’s worth since I’ll store it until midnight. Right now I’m just at Burger King chilling and eating my first meal here in KL. Until I go out to meet some friends later at 1pm. The rest of the day went on pretty well actually.  20151224_173106Met up with some Singaporean cuties while I was waiting for another friend for dinner/for Jasmine to arrive in Malaysia as well.

Speaking of Jasmine, she got off at the wrong airport which was hilarious but made her way to us anyways cause KL Sentral was easy to get to from either airports.


Dinner at Nandos!

20151224_214612 20151225_051417

At this point I’ll try to shorten everything cause the post is getting too long haha. JQ and I hobo’ed at the airport til morning.


Finally we see our plane!!

20151225_091810First time taking ANA as well. Soon after we got on the plane we were served breakfast. They had so much stuff I could barely finish half of it. Fruits, yogurt, bread, yakult, water, and in the box they had a sausage, mash potatoes, eggs and broccoli.

Then we arrived in Tokyo for a transit to Osaka.

20151225_145803SUNSET! We arrived at the golden hour!!

Basically it took another hour or so to arrive in Osaka and JQ and I took a bus to Shin-Osaka station to wait for Xan.

Which led to another funny story when we arrived. Since we weren’t familiar with the Shin-Osaka station… both parties waited at different places. We were supposed to meet at Heart-In and Xan waited at the one inside the station, which we can’t access unless we took the shinkansen, and we were waiting at the one outside as we couldn’t enter. After waiting for a really long time, and running around the whole station looking for her, and trying to see if we get WiFi, JQ had a Suica card which she used to tap into the area while I waited outside and finally retrieved Xan from the inside.

It was already pretty late and shops close pretty early in Japan, especially in Winter and it was also Christmas day. So we had our first meal/dinner there at McDonald’s hahaha. Not complaining though, they had items on the menu which we don’t in Malaysia/Singapore. And it tasted pretty damn good.


Will FINALLY continue on Day 1 post after this.

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