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I had to break my blogging hiatus cause of the recent events that happened in Singapore. As the title says, it’s about AKIRA! Which Akira? That goddess from KERA magazine, the vocals for Disacode, the designer for Malus14. LOOK HER UP IF YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW!!!

Warning: This post will have a lot of caps I think.

20160610_172506I went to Singapore last Thursday (9th June). The main reason for this really last minute trip was for Akira, I booked my flight like a week before or so? I’ve been waiting for more than 4 years to meet Akira in real life. The closest thing I have are her CDs/KERA magazines and 2 years ago a signature Reika got for me when they were in Houston as guests.

Really glad I had friends that were willing to take me in so I save on accommodation fees ;_; Then the kind hearted ones that fed me too. Ahaha you guys know who you are //much love to all of you// 

Let me skip to the event on Friday. I only went much later cause the press conference was at 5pm. So after meeting up with Kelly and JQ we head over to Funan to hang out awhile before the PressCon started. I…. kinda died when Akira came out. It was seeing my goddess in real life. IN THE FLESH. There’s me just hyperventilating the whole way at the presscon and spamming photos on my phone.

Moving on to Saturday, the day of the Meet and Greet with Akira.

I went to the event earlier with JQ (the session of ours were at 1.30pm) and met up with Jovu there first since we were going together. (JQ’s session was for meeting Takeru though) Around 1.10pm? or so, we walked around and also checked out the Jrunway booth, which was also where the Meet and Greet session was supposed to be held there. Apparently they started putting a barricade up for the lines so we stayed there for the queue. I was surprised when we were actually the first there?? So I was the first for Akira’s line and JQ for Takeru’s. Jovu was just behind me.

So I went in first, cause Takeru wasn’t ready and Akira was. The normal thing is walking in, then going straight to the person you’re going to meet right? But nope, this loser right here just froze near the entrance LOL. (They set up curtains so people outside can’t interrupt the M&G) I actually stood there for a few seconds until Akira kinda waved/signalled me to go over. I tried to chill and make my way towards her and I shook her hand very very nervously when I approached her and then she patted me head ;w; I actually managed to tell her I came from Malaysia to Singapore to see her (cause I almost couldn’t speak, not to mention speak in Japanese) but I did it! She had this shocked/happy reaction, and at that point I was already half dying. Then the staff told us the Polaroid is ready so we can take the photo soon. So I’m like okay maybe she’ll ask what pose to do or what I wanna do right? Since that’s what most guests/artists do. JQ, Jovu and I were talking about it when we were in queue. Like, what should we do for the photo so we wouldn’t panic when we’re inside. So like we were thinking of common things? Like complete the heart pose or V pose? Okay I had it run through my mind already as a plan. I AM CALM. I KNOW WHAT TO DO.

20160613_215412Then when we were getting in position, Akira moved behind. I thought she preferred to stand on the right side in photos so I just waited for her and try to get into position for “posing” as I had planned in my mind. But nope. NOPE. NOOPPPPPPPEEEEE. She didn’t move to the right. SHE STOOD BEHIND ME. STOPPED. LEANED IN AND PULLED ME TOWARDS HER CHEST AND HUGGED ME FROM BEHIND. (photo on the right) UGHHHH HOW DO I CHILL? WHAT IS CHILL. But still I had to get the photo taken so I also did the V sign and my other hand was free so I held her CD up. She moved her hand from my shoulder to hold the CD together!!! !!!!!!!! My soul left me. Her face touched my face //dies again//

The staff said in the beginning that, the M&G was only a handshake and a polaroid photo. No signing and whatnot. But then later told me that we can ask the artist if they are willing to, it’s mostly just up to them. So I took my chance and asked Akira if she could sign and she actually went to ask the staff instead, and they told her it’s up to her. She happily did, and took the polaroid to sign. Before I left, I asked permission if I could hug her really quickly, so I can run out after from being so overwhelmed. Akira replied もちろん!!(of course!!) immediately. And before I could even initiate the hug, she pulled me in, literally. She hugs really tightly and she held on to me for more than 5 seconds, I already died at that point. Pros of being a foreigner at the event maybe 8D; But she was so warm and friendly.

IMG_20160611_215457I actually thought that was it, all the interaction with AKIRA for that day was done.  But we stayed behind to watch the runway show at 5pm. At 5.30 after it ended I was walking around and tried to catch up to Saffron, and saw a crowd at the Jrunway booth, and JQ was waving to me there and told me to go over. Apparently Akira was there. And they were selling her badges. Like the ones Akira designed. Of course I went to buy it cause they said we can get another signature hahahaha < loser right there.

20160611_221121So I went up to her and she remembered me from the session earlier. (hi yay foreigner here). Akira patted my head again omg. Then I asked if we can only have her sign on the back of the paper that they pin the badges to or if she can sign on something else. Akira asked the staff and they said it’s up to her. So she said she’ll sign on anything. I took her cd out and the staff and her manager went “うわああーすごい!!!!” (uwaa- sugoi!!) Like what? Hahahah. Even Akira was like “えええ??何がすごい?!!!!!” (eee? nani ga sugoi?!!!!) and laughed it off. It was so fucking cute. 79841

To be fair, it was her latest cd and I brought the first press limited edition. Also… Probably I was the only one that has her cd there at the meet and greet. Then she picked a page to sign. After she was done signing, she pulled me in and hugged me really tightly again I died (again). After the hug, she actually held my face and leaned in to talk to me. Her face was so close my heart couldn’t take it. She said something along the lines of thanks for supporting me all this while and for coming here to see me. /weeps

The photo on the right, you can see how she hold people’s faces and talks to them. She’s such an amazing and humble person that genuinely cares for her fans I’m so happy I got to meet her ;_; GODDESSSSS. Hope this isn’t the only time I’ll get to see her though. Would fly again in a heartbeat to see her.


Polaroid+badges+her signatures <3

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