The last update was in June?! Anyways I don’t have much photos at the moment to update and I’ve been slacking off in taking pics as well, but Saber Alter (by ALTER) arrived and she’s BEAUTIFUL. So I might do an update on that. Recently I’ve been editing Xan’s photos for her and might as well show some before and after edits of it. C:

I really enjoy editing photos ahaha. Especially when the cosplayer has a concept in mind.

First photo, it was done in a room so lighting isn’t the best. But RAW files makes it easy to edit the lighting. Turning the photos around 180 degrees to see how everything works out was great exploration too, it turned out better than I thought. I actually have several versions of edits for this but I’m satisfied with the final results.

Second: This one is pretty simple and plain, just the lighting and removing the stuff on the right.

Last: The original photo was so yellow cause the photographer couldn’t use flash as it reflected on the paper that Xan’s holding. I think geometric line designs are my new favorite thing at the moment (as you can tell hahaha)

Kitagawa Yusuke Cosplay by: XAN (Twitter @xdango19)
Photo by: KennTee Photography (Facebook page)
Helper: Cili
Edits: Yuuiki

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