8 :: Mukkun

So Jasmine and I were talking about cosplaying together again when we meet… we didn’t have that many series in common for cosplay actually so finally we decided on Kuroko no Basuke. We’ve cosplayed that before in the Philippines as Kise and Kuroko haha ;; So decided on changing characters.

Back in (early) 2012, Murasakibara was the first character I cosplayed after my really long hiatus from cosplaying. Oh boy, looking back at the photos… ahaha.

Here are the before photos, from 2012. Of course I didn’t know how to properly trim a wig even though I tried, and I left the sides really long thinking it looks better.

DCF00411.JPG DCF00424.JPG DCF00436.JPG

And yesterday I finally took the wig out and tried the character again. Also trimmed the wig again this time as it looked horrible before, wig was too thick. (I used the same wig, different camera so the colors might look different)

DSC_1128 DSC_1127

It was a little hard to create droopy eyes for me especially with colored lenses on, so I left my eyes half closed in photos lol |・ω・`)



Also click this LINK for an extra photo ;P


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