83:: The DIE tag

 I’m sure people have heard of  the Ride or Die tag.

I love drugstore products, BUT its really a hit or miss, as quality over quantity sometimes. But I am such a cheap ass that I love anything good from the drugstore. Today, however I am going to review some of the makeup items (+ 1 skincare) that needs to be thrown as far as possible.

I regret buying them so much but they still cost money so I have a hard time trying to throw them. 🙁

My skin is combo oily t-zone and dry everywhere else , I have sensitive skin as well as dry patches.

Perfect subject to test on I might say. 

  • CATRICE Cosmetics Illuminating Blush (040 La Vien Rose) 








I don’t know about you, but when they said ‘subtle’ on their site, they meant it.

This has no pigment whatsoever, as shown in the pic swatch (YOU CANT EVEN SEE THE SWATCH CAN U?) Its on my wrist. When it goes on the face, there’s practically nothing and its quite chalky.

The pan’s design is very nice though I’d give it that.


  • RIMMEL #Insta FIX & GO (2 in 1 Setting Spray & Primer )

I got this cos it was something new that was in the Rimmel section. It looked intriguing, cos Rimmel didn’t have any setting sprays before.

The spray on this one is super weird. It comes out not like normal sprays but instead like straight line. This will obviously not go very well on your face if you want an even coat. This was what turned me off at first.

It claims to be a primer and a setting spray all in one.
I tried it like a primer but it just felt icky on my face and did not prolong makeup at all. For setting spray, my makeup started oxidising?? or melting off it was so disgusting cos I put it as a primer too. Overall I wonder why I even purchased this.


  • RIMMEL Lasting Finsh 25 HR Foundation (with comfort serum) 


This was 17.45$ AUD and it was just painful to not use it.



I don’t know if they changed the formula or what, because many reviews online rave about this foundation like its heaven sent from the drugstore.

This goes on alright, but after like 30 minutes or so it just oxidises on my face and my dry patches can be seen so clearly. It was so embarrassing because I wore this out and had to use my hair to cover up the dry patch it was showing I wanted to crawl in a hole. 🙁

The only saving grace of this was the nice glass bottle and the cap which had their emblem on it.


  • RIMMEL Lasting Finish Primer (30ml) 








I swear Rimmel, I tried to love you but to no avail. 

This primer comes off like in a white goopy texture and goes on the skin all right. However, its supposed to increase wear up till 8 hours. But at the 5-6th hour mark, my makeup started melting off. My eyelids also became oily which was a TOTAL no-no. My dry patches were shown too , its just not as good as Benefit’s Pore professional but that’s not really a primer so. Oh well. I bet if I was in a more humid climate my face would just get all oily and disgusting if I wore this primer.


  • NYX Ligerie Lipstick (4ml) 

 This lipstick was also another raved about liquid lipstick on YouTube.

The colour range for this line is very nude and pretty, and I got one of the most prettiest colours, its such a shame. I HATE this formula.

It goes into the cracks of your lips, clings to it and accentuates every damn crack in your lip/ its not hydrating at all. It was quite expensive for me because the price in Australia (14.95$) for a drugstore lippie was not worth it at all.


  • BIORE Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar 

This is quite harsh on the skin. I was stupid and thought this could clean out my pores, (before I found the Ordinary) but no this just made my already visible pores even bigger.

It almost as if you were taking a big stone and scrubbing it across your face.

When its on your face, its like minty smelling and makes your face so cooling its painful. I just don’t like it. My skin is already sensitive, I don’t want it to be even worse thanks.



All of the reviews of these products I’ve tried and tested.

All of this is my own opinion. Everything works differently for everyone.

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