Urban Decay x Basquiat

Image taken from Urban Decay’s official site.

When the collab was first announced, I was super stoked! I wanted to get my hands on the whole collab immediately but had to wait patiently until it was released. The official release for the US was on 20th April, Malaysia’s was later. Sadly I didn’t manage to get the vault since they didn’t sell it in Malaysia (I should have gotten from the US dammit) Let’s just move on to the swatches!

From left: Gold Griot, Gallery Blush palette, Tenant. Lipsticks: Epigram, Abstract

I got almost everything except for one lipstick (I bought 2 of the same ones though, the extra is not in the picture above), and the 2 eye pencils. I have to point out that all the packaging is wrapped is a canvas-like material to replicate the feeling of it being artworks rather than just a flat plastic/paper packaging.

GOLD GRIOT – Neutrals

Let’s start with the neutrals palette, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get this since I do have other neutral type of palettes, but I really like several of the shades in it, and they were shades that I lacked in my collection, so I thought, why not?

From top to bottom: Enigma, Levitation, Not For Sale, Suckerpunch, Influence, BK, Pseudonym, Crown

Enigma: Matte- Really soft and buttery cream color. Good for setting your primer.
Levitation: Matte- This shade is also really smooth and pigmented. Great to put in the crease area for transitioning.
Not For Sale: Matte- My favorite shade in the palette. A burnt-orangey brown shade that I love love love as a crease shade. It blends out really easily and is a great color for everyone.
Suckerpunch: Shimmer- It’s not exactly super shimmery, it’s like a matte finish base with specks of shimmer in it. This is quite pigmented and pretty good to add definition to the eyes.
Influence: Shimmer- This is probably THE most pigmented shade in the palette and the color is beautiful. This is also super soft and feels like butter. You don’t even need a wet brush to intensify the color as it’s already so pigmented. (Great for all over the lid!!)
BK: Shimmer- Also another one of the matte+shimmer specks shade. It’s a cool tone gray, might look slightly blue in the pan but seems like a shade that would be nice for a smokey eye look. I haven’t tried it on my lids for a look yet so I might in the future.
Pseudonym: Matte- This is more matte than shimmer but it has slight specks in it. I actually really like this color to add to the outer corners of my eyes but as you can see in the swatch that it is the patchiest shade in the whole palette. It’s still able to blend out but takes a lot more time and effort. I really like the color but I wouldn’t be reaching out to use it much.
Crown: Shimmer- THIS. This is my second favorite shade in the palette. This beautiful gold color caught my eye when I first saw photos of the palette. And when swatches came out, it looked so pigmented and smooth I just had to get it. I have two other palettes with gold shades, and nothing came even close to how pigmented and bright as Crown. I like to intensify the color by wetting my brush with Mac Fix+.

Look done using the Gold Griot palette (except for the lower lashline, that was from Tenant palette) The middle of the lids is the color Crown that’s intensified using Mac Fix+

TENANT – Splash of color

I don’t have a lot of colors in my palettes, they’re usually more towards warm shades and neutrals. So, I thought it would be time to get a bright and colorful palette to play around with and the neon green shade was the color that caught my eye the most when I first saw this.

Untitled: Beautiful ultramarine-like shade. It is pigmented as hell. I honestly didn’t think I would use a blue eyeshadow in my life but this has definitely changed my opinion.
Boom: This matte neon blue goes on a little darker than what you see in the pan, but it is also extremely pigmented. It’s pretty smooth but you might need to work a little to blend out the intense shade.
Exu: My favorite shade in this palette! It’s a neon green that leans towards a more yellow tint. It’s very smooth and pigmented and when I use it on my lower lash line, it really adds a pop of color!
Grafiti: A darker green which is also a shimmer shade, it’s pretty smooth (All the shimmers are very creamy in both palettes actually, the mattes are hit or miss). I haven’t really used this yet, but it seem like a nice color to have on the lids.
Les: It’s a matte black shade, seems to lean more towards a purple/brown tint. Nothing special about this shade.
Neo: My least favorite, due to the formula of the shadow. It’s a beautiful color, don’t get me wrong. It’s lighter than what’s in the pan, more plum colored, but the shadow is so patchy and hard to work with, I’d need at least 4 or 5 layers on my swatch for the color to actually show up. From the picture, you can see how patchy and hard to blend it is.
1960: This one, I LOVE. I love using it all in my crease. I don’t like pink stuff but in makeup, definitely a great color to use on the eyes. It’s pigmented, it’s easy to blend, the color is beautiful.
Studio: Another cream/beige colored shadow. I think this is the smoothest matte shade in the whole palette. I use this all over my lid to set my primer.

Gallery Blush Palette

This is a cheek palette which consists of 2 blushes, one bronzer and one highlight.

The cover is Basquiat’s famous crown artwork.

The two blushes: X-Rated & Noho. Bronzer: Jawbone. HIghlight: Now’s the Time

Now we’re on to my favorite item in the whole collection! I’ve been obsessed with bronzers and blushes lately. I never used to use bronzers and blushes. (especially blushes cause I always feel like I look like a clown after applying) After getting the technique right, I’ve been getting more bronzers and blushes!

X-Rated: (blush) The blush looks really pink in the pan but it’s not a pigmented as I thought it would be. This is a good thing though, having a super pigmented blush can be very overwhelming and hard to blend out. I actually like this more than I thought. Pink blushes aren’t really appealing (like the Dandelion one from Benefit, it looked too cool on my skin) but this is just perfect.

Noho: (blush) This plum shade is really pretty! I love it, tad too dark on my skin and this is much more pigmented than X-Rated. But I really like this shade so I go more light-handed when using this. I think people with a medium to darker skin tones would look really great in this.

Jawbone: (bronzer) Jawbone is a really warm bronzer, and really pigmented but it blends out easily. I initially thought it might be too dark on me but it sheers out well and the color is great! This is easily my favorite bronzer at the moment! (I still love my Hoola Lite though)
 Now’s The Time: (highlight) Can we take a moment to appreciate this highlight shade? I first saw the swatches on YouTube and I was shook! It’s such a beautiful and not to mention blinding champagne gold color. I actually got a proper highlighting brush just for the sake of using this highlight. I do have another one from another palette but it just wasn’t as smooth and bright.

I’ll post some pictures of the full makeup looks done after the post. Moving on to the last category, lipsticks!

Lipsticks– Epigram & Abstract

I actually really wanted only one of the lipsticks, but thought maybe I should get the other one to try as well. Both the ones I got are cream formulas and the third lipstick is called Exhibition- which is a bright pink lipstick with a comfort matte finish.

Left: Epigram. Right: Abstract

Epigram: (cream) I wasn’t planning on getting this lipstick, I rarely wear burnt-orange colors but it looked like a really pretty color. I also really love the packaging design of this lipstick. I gave this to my mom but I’ll probably try wearing it out at least once.

Abstract: (cream) A nude brown shade is what I’ve always been looking for!! It’s slightly cool toned (but I think the warmth of your lips would make it just right) and probably goes well with a lot of skintones. I love this color so much that after trying it, I went to get another one as a backup. The cream formulas for the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are very comfortable to wear, they are also long lasting, provided you don’t eat oily food and have everything smear off.

Swatches of Epigram and Abstract

I really like the font choices

Note: I have extremely dry lips, and by extremely, I mean even if I apply lip balm every 1 to 2 hours, my lips still get dry and flakes off. That’s how dry my lips are. But there is a specific lip balm I use that’s my lips’ savior– The Body Shop Vitamin E lipbalm. It was discontinued for awhile due to the change in packaging so my lips actually got really bad for a couple of months. Burts Bees lipbalms are alright but nothing close to the Body Shop one. It’s quite pricey (RM29.90) for a balm but it’s worth it. So people with dry lips, I recommend you try it!


 (left) This photo was taken 10 hours after I had the makeup done as I forgot to take any pictures right after.

Eyes: Mainly done with Gold Griot palette. Inner corner highlight with “Now’s the Time”. Lower lash line- Tenant palette (Exu). Eyeliner: Too Faced Sketch Marker. Lashes: Benefit Roller Lash

Face: Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect in 010. Urban Decay Weightless concealer Fair. RCMA No Color Powder. Gallery Blush palette. Mac Fix+

Lips: UD Vice Lipstick – Abstract

Both photos are from day 2 of testing the palette, which I went with more color. Photo on the right is mainly to show how blinding the highlight is!

Started off with adding 1960 as the crease/transition shade, adding in the purple shade to darken it. Added in Untitled to the outer and inner corner of the eyes. You can see the color goes on darker than what you see in the palette. I used the highlight shade Now’s The Time on the middle of the lids to make it pop. Lower lash is also 1960 and the waterline was lined using the eye pencil. The rest of the products are the same as listed above.

Bonus pic: I love doing makeup on other people, I really need more guinea pigs to experiment on.

Used the MannyMUAxMakeupGeek collab palette on my friend. She’s wearing Blackmail Vice Lipstick topped with Vice Special Effects in White Lie

That ends my super long review post on the UDxBasquiat collab! Feel free to ask any questions as I may have missed out some stuff.

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