I’ve recently gotten a Fujifilm X100F, dumping the DSLR for a new premium compact camera (so yay now more camera phone photos! Even though the back camera on my phone is actually pretty good imo) Decided to do some test shots with it. The lighting was really horrible since it’s night time, and my room is really dim.

I actually got Saber Alter a couple months ago when it was released, but I never got around to taking proper photos other than the few from the day I got it. Still trying to get used to the focus points and settings of this camera… So let me just dump several photos here.

The details on Saber Alter by ALTER still amazes me every time I look at her. I’m just too lazy to get the other body out of the box. Her default outfit with sleeves and her sword looks amazing. Maybe I should do an updated post when I manage to get more photos of her?

Last 2 photos I took in black and white just to try it out. I actually really like B&W photos c:

Didn’t manage to get the focus closer to her eyes for the last photo sadly. I can’t wait to bring the camera to the streets though!

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