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I was never a big fan of the Naked palettes, but I’ve been really really excited when this palette was first announced.The palette was officially released in Malaysia on the 13th of July. As a Sephora gold member and also Urban Decay’s beauty junkie member, I managed to get early access to the palette — 9th of July. But alas I was sick for a whole week so I didn’t mange to play with the palette until recently.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing packaging though.

Absolutely beautiful!

I swatched all 12 shades in the palette and almost all of them are amazing! I like that it has quite a lot of mattes that works as a transition shade.

Ounce: It’s an ivory shimmer shade, doesn’t show up too much in this swatch but it’s actually quite pretty as a brow highlight. Doesn’t work quite well as an inner corner highlight though.

Chaser: A nude matte shade. This one is nicely pigmented and I like mixing this and Sauced to use as a transition shade on my crease.

Sauced: A terracotta matte shade. This matte shade also swatches really well. As I’ve mentioned above it’s a great transition shade.

Low Blow: A brown matte shade. It’s a pretty brown (yellow toned) to deepen the colors in the crease. Not too much I can say about it.

Lumbre: A kind of copper shimmer that has a gold pearl shift on it. This is my favorite shimmer shade in the whole palette! You can see in the swatch how the colors shift and it’s absolutely glorious. It applies really well using my finger or a wet brush. It’s fine on a dry brush but wetting it is preferred.

He Devil: A burnt red matte shade. I really like using this color to smoke out the eye look. This one also applies really nicely.

Dirty Talk: It’s a metallic burnt orange-red shade. All the shimmers and metallics actually swatches and applies really well, they just glide on and the pigmentation is great. I haven’t used this on my lid yet but I’m sure it’ll be nice!

Scorched: Red metallic with gold shimmer. At first glance, this color is quite similar to Dirty Talk, but it’s different when the light hits, you can see the micro shimmer in it. I used this all over my lid I loved it.

Cayenne: A deeper terracotta matte shade. This swatched pretty okay, it’s not as smooth as the others but still blends fairly easily.

En Fuego: (love the name!) This is a really pretty burgundy matte shade! Finger swatching isn’t that great, it doesn’t go on that smoothly but there’s no problem blending the shadows out on my eyes! Just need to swish it on a couple more times and work it in.

Ashes: A deep redish-brown matte shade. This one is probably my least favorite. It’s a little out of place in this palette to me? I wish there was a darker shade (closer to a black) in here that would work great in deepening the colors. Same case with En Fuego for this. Needs a little more work to blend out but it works fairly well.

Ember: Last, but not least- Ember- a deep metallic burgundy-copper shade. This one probably swatched the best! I actually really like this shade but I’ve yet to use it. Definitely will be working with this the next time I use this palette.


The brush it came with was alright, but not the best. I think the brushes in the UDxBasquiat palette was better.


The first day I used the palette! I built up a transition with Chaser, then added on Sauced and Low Blow mixed together. Did this on the front side of my eye too. Deepened the crease with He Devil and Cayenne. Applied Lumbre (wet the brush with Fix+) all over the middle of my lid, then went back on the crease with He Devil and Cayenne again.

For the bottom lashline, I used He Devil and Cayenne on the outer and inner side. Lumbre in the middle again for the halo effect. More pics below in different lighting. I forgot to send the second look pictures to my computer so I’ll probably update later!



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