The last update was in June?! Anyways I don’t have much photos at the moment to update and I’ve been slacking off in taking pics as well, but Saber Alter (by ALTER) arrived and she’s BEAUTIFUL. So I might do an update on that. Recently I’ve been editing Xan’s photos for her and might as well show some before and after edits of it. C:

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50 :: サイコパス [[YayoixShion]]

I planned to post this quite a few days ago but I got sidetracked so much by watching The Legend of Korra from the start. I honestly didn’t think the show would be THAT good, (It’s good if I marathon it and ignore all the anime I’ve been keeping track on and sacrificing my sleep everyday) nothing but praises from me and one of the best I’ve seen (ATLA fans, please don’t compare the shows).

Also, Korrasami, please get married already.

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44 :: CF Event+Haikyuu shoot photos

I’ll start off by posting the event photos. I think I only gotten half? of it or so, most of them just magically disappears ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ I won’t post all up cause there are quite a few with similar posing, just different photographers haha.

P: Patricia Bunny Lo (FB)
bunny4 bunny3 bunny1 bunny2

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43 :: Post CF + Haikyuu!! Shoot


Pewpewunicorn12 and JQ are masters in posing

The nights after the events are usually even more enjoyable than the event itself (*≧▽≦) Visiting other people’s hotel rooms cause most of the attendees would stay in the same/nearby hotels. We probably laughed and made so much noise to the point we actually got complained (whoops) but all is good!

We walked around the mall area on Monday. Of course we had to have more Snowflake. Your trip to KL isn’t complete without Snowflake is what I’d say!
2014-12-27-21-13-27_photo 2014-12-26-10-52-23_photo

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