4 thoughts on “1:: Elsa & Shinobu

  1. I’ve always admired your style of painting so it’s great to see all of your compositions.

    Out of the two, I think I really like the Shinobu one the best. I think side profiles like that are really intriguing and grip my attention well.

    I guess it’s only because I still have yet to watch the movie Frozen that I’m not as interested in the character Elsa, but she still was painted very beautifully.

    1. Ah thanks lol. I’m trying to paint more >__> hopefully I won’t get too lazy.
      Also, the movie Frozen wasn’t really good, I just really liked the character design of Elsa I guess.

  2. I’m a little confused– are these physically painted or digitally painted? Can’t particularly tell so that should emphasize how good of a job you did! I I really love all the sparkles in the Elsa painting (especially on her dress and in the background).

    1. Ah they were both done digitally, painted on Corel Painter X3 and adjusted on Photoshop. Thank you very much for the comment!! >3<

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