79: Diorskin Forever

I’m back! Since I rarely attend conventions and I haven’t been able to travel much this year, I thought might as well do blog posts about makeup, which I loveeeee.

Today I’m gonna focus on this foundation that I got from Dior – Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup Everlasting Wear Pore-Refining Effect with SPF 35 (that’s a mouthful)

The Diorskin Forever in shade 010 paired with Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

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The last update was in June?! Anyways I don’t have much photos at the moment to update and I’ve been slacking off in taking pics as well, but Saber Alter (by ALTER) arrived and she’s BEAUTIFUL. So I might do an update on that. Recently I’ve been editing Xan’s photos for her and might as well show some before and after edits of it. C:

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77 :: AKIRA

I had to break my blogging hiatus cause of the recent events that happened in Singapore. As the title says, it’s about AKIRA! Which Akira? That goddess from KERA magazine, the vocals for Disacode, the designer for Malus14. LOOK HER UP IF YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW!!!

Warning: This post will have a lot of caps I think.

20160610_172506I went to Singapore last Thursday (9th June). The main reason for this really last minute trip was for Akira, I booked my flight like a week before or so? I’ve been waiting for more than 4 years to meet Akira in real life. The closest thing I have are her CDs/KERA magazines and 2 years ago a signature Reika got for me when they were in Houston as guests.

Really glad I had friends that were willing to take me in so I save on accommodation fees ;_; Then the kind hearted ones that fed me too. Ahaha you guys know who you are //much love to all of you//  Continue reading


I’m not the type of person that gets a lot of dreams, so usually when I do, I remember them, and pretty detailedly too. So anyway, this dream was something new, probably one I never gotten before so why not share it out? Though it’s pretty start to start the story cause the dream started right in the middle with no explanation whatsoever.

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75 :: Chloe Price

20160214_212800It’s been a long time since I updated! I actually drafted another post about my trip to Osaka but I procrastinated so much it’s been almost 2 months ;;; And Weiss managed to update her trip to Osaka as well 8D So that’ll do for now.

Anyways, anyone played Life Is Strange?? I’m super late to the fandom cause I had to control my spending before I went to Japan. I’ve only finished the game once (and I’ll replay it after I finish some of the Arkham Knight DLCs!) but I really enjoyed the game, some parts were tedious but still considered pretty easy. Great game to play for the story, even though there are a lot of unexplained things.

I loved both Max and Chloe in the game! Really wanna cosplay both characters but I don’t have their wigssss. I managed to borrow a blue wig from my friend though. The color was too light for Chloe but nothing Photoshop can’t fix for a test :3

First of all, I need to rave about these lashes *^* I got them when I was in Osaka, from a shop called Assist Wig. They specialize in cosplay-related stuff. So this is called Boys Lash Continue reading

74 :: Japan Winter 9D8N – Kansai (RM3200/p)

Trip date: 22/01/2016-30/01/2016
Objective: Gazette concert + Snow + RK pilgrimage

Day 1
Ramen Museum
Pokemon Centre

Breakfast: 300Y (konbini)
Lunch: 220Y (Cup noodle at Ramen museum)
Dinner: 910Y (Ichiran Ramen)
Transport: 5000Y (top-up)
Hotel: 1150Y (Sun Plaza 1N)

Ikeda Ramen Museum

Ikeda Ramen Museum

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73 :: Journey to Osaka (day 0)

I’ve been counting down the days to this trip, so yes I’ve been that excited. This is also by far my longest trip overseas.
So how it started off, I booked bus tickets to KLIA. Which is where my flight is going to depart, since there’s only one direct bus a day (11.45pm every night) I took the one on the 23rd. I would definitely miss my flight if I took the one on the 24th as my flight is early in the morning.

The night of the 23rd didn’t start out great. The bus was really late, and I found out the bus that was supposed to come broke down so they switched to another one which is a less comfortable one. 30seater changed to a 40seater and by the time it got here the bus was kinda full. So I took the seat at the most back cause I didn’t wanna sit with most of the guys there (plus they had some B.O)


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