15 :: Some changes

2014-04-04-18-52-06_decoI’ve been hunting around for a new theme lately, not because I didn’t like my previous theme. I actually like it… a lot! Though the problem is that with the previous theme, it somehow made me focus more on a certain category to post in my blog instead of whatever I felt like I wanted to. It ended up a little hard to keep up with updating it ;;

So for this new theme, it’s pretty straightforward. Clear texts, good width for images too. I’m a little too lazy to edit the previous posts to suit this new theme so please bear with it.

As for the photo, it was taken while I was stopping at a traffic light. Not sure what kind of flower this is called though, the weather seemed like it was going to rain too. Nonetheless the falling flowers was a pretty sight(^ω^)


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