The last update was in June?! Anyways I don’t have much photos at the moment to update and I’ve been slacking off in taking pics as well, but Saber Alter (by ALTER) arrived and she’s BEAUTIFUL. So I might do an update on that. Recently I’ve been editing Xan’s photos for her and might as well show some before and after edits of it. C:

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77 :: AKIRA

I had to break my blogging hiatus cause of the recent events that happened in Singapore. As the title says, it’s about AKIRA! Which Akira? That goddess from KERA magazine, the vocals for Disacode, the designer for Malus14. LOOK HER UP IF YOU DON’T ALREADY KNOW!!!

Warning: This post will have a lot of caps I think.

20160610_172506I went to Singapore last Thursday (9th June). The main reason for this really last minute trip was for Akira, I booked my flight like a week before or so? I’ve been waiting for more than 4 years to meet Akira in real life. The closest thing I have are her CDs/KERA magazines and 2 years ago a signature Reika got for me when they were in Houston as guests.

Really glad I had friends that were willing to take me in so I save on accommodation fees ;_; Then the kind hearted ones that fed me too. Ahaha you guys know who you are //much love to all of you//  Continue reading

75 :: Chloe Price

20160214_212800It’s been a long time since I updated! I actually drafted another post about my trip to Osaka but I procrastinated so much it’s been almost 2 months ;;; And Weiss managed to update her trip to Osaka as well 8D So that’ll do for now.

Anyways, anyone played Life Is Strange?? I’m super late to the fandom cause I had to control my spending before I went to Japan. I’ve only finished the game once (and I’ll replay it after I finish some of the Arkham Knight DLCs!) but I really enjoyed the game, some parts were tedious but still considered pretty easy. Great game to play for the story, even though there are a lot of unexplained things.

I loved both Max and Chloe in the game! Really wanna cosplay both characters but I don’t have their wigssss. I managed to borrow a blue wig from my friend though. The color was too light for Chloe but nothing Photoshop can’t fix for a test :3

First of all, I need to rave about these lashes *^* I got them when I was in Osaka, from a shop called Assist Wig. They specialize in cosplay-related stuff. So this is called Boys Lash Continue reading

64 :: C2AGE Day 2 (END)

IMG_0137Ready for day 2! I went to the event with Saffron first since Xan will arrive later. I got super lazy to cosplay on that day (even though I prepared the costume for M-21 already) so I think pretty much all the helpers/organizers ended up not cosplaying that day as well. There was actually an interview session for King and Saffron on that day. I kept calling Xan to ask if she’s arrived at the event. Little did she know, I kept rushing her so I don’t need to be the interpreter for Saffron on stage (LOL) So the moment she arrived, she kinda got thrown on stage, I’m sorry airen.

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63 :: C2AGE Day 1

IMG_0062On Friday, 爱人 and I headed to Pullman Hotel in Bangsar to meet up with the organizers first. One of the guests, King (from Taiwan) was the first to arrive at the hotel, followed by Ashley Gosiengfiao and her mother/manager Auntie Jing. Later on we went in two separate cars to pick up the remaining two guests- Saffron and Kisaki Urumi from the airport. At night all the guests (except for King) went to dinner at Papparich and that pretty much ends Friday.

Day 1 C2AGE


Ready for day 1!

Cosplayed Qiu Tong from Their Story (她们的故事) on day 1. I actually don’t remember the schedule too much, but one of the group competitions got canceled during the event so the guests ended up having spare time, so Xan and I accompanied Saffron to visit the booths. And as expected, Saffron was swarmed by her fangirls and more time went to taking photos instead of looking at the merchandise. Met up with Ming and found the whole Harry Potter group. Sadly I didn’t take a photo with all of them. (photo spam below) Continue reading

61 :: Bangkok Day 5 (final)

The final post for my trip to Bangkok! I’ll be able to update about my trip to Kuala Lumpur/C2AGE 2015 after this haha.


The only foreigners at the Haikyuu Only event in Bangkok! Singapore+Malaysia+Philippines

DSC_1918After getting ready in the morning, we headed off to the Haikyuu only event. Main reason for the Bangkok trip was for this event itself, so we didn’t slack and be lazy haha.

When we reached the station from the MRT, we didn’t really know which way to head to, but we spotted a Kuroo cosplayer (in sunglasses) and decided to just follow. We got on the escalator and the cosplayer turned over to me and waved, so I assumed something like “oh maybe she’s just saying hi since we’re going to the same event.” Continue reading

60 :: Bangkok Day 4

My post is officially more than a month late! Trying to catch up more cause I need to update on C2AGE as well!

2015-05-02-13-11-45_photo Finally attending AFA Thailand! We took our time to get ready haha. I lugged my Lelouch cosplay all the way there. First time bringing the costume overseas and I semi-regretted it due to the weight hahaha! Let me just spam all the photos here cause I don’t think anything special or unusual happened.

I managed to meet some new Thai friends as well as old ones. Some that I’ve been dying to meet too haha. Continue reading