86 :: Naked Heat

I was never a big fan of the Naked palettes, but I’ve been really really excited when this palette was first announced.The palette was officially released in Malaysia on the 13th of July. As a Sephora gold member and also Urban Decay’s beauty junkie member, I managed to get early access to the palette — 9th of July. But alas I was sick for a whole week so I didn’t mange to play with the palette until recently.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing packaging though.

Absolutely beautiful!

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Urban Decay x Basquiat

Image taken from Urban Decay’s official site.

When the collab was first announced, I was super stoked! I wanted to get my hands on the whole collab immediately but had to wait patiently until it was released. The official release for the US was on 20th April, Malaysia’s was later. Sadly I didn’t manage to get the vault since they didn’t sell it in Malaysia (I should have gotten from the US dammit) Let’s just move on to the swatches!

From left: Gold Griot, Gallery Blush palette, Tenant. Lipsticks: Epigram, Abstract

I got almost everything except for one lipstick (I bought 2 of the same ones though, the extra is not in the picture above), and the 2 eye pencils. I have to point out that all the packaging is wrapped is a canvas-like material to replicate the feeling of it being artworks rather than just a flat plastic/paper packaging.

GOLD GRIOT – Neutrals

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83:: The DIE tag

 I’m sure people have heard of  the Ride or Die tag.

I love drugstore products, BUT its really a hit or miss, as quality over quantity sometimes. But I am such a cheap ass that I love anything good from the drugstore. Today, however I am going to review some of the makeup items (+ 1 skincare) that needs to be thrown as far as possible.

I regret buying them so much but they still cost money so I have a hard time trying to throw them. 🙁

My skin is combo oily t-zone and dry everywhere else , I have sensitive skin as well as dry patches.

Perfect subject to test on I might say. 

  • CATRICE Cosmetics Illuminating Blush (040 La Vien Rose) 








I don’t know about you, but when they said ‘subtle’ on their site, they meant it.

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79: Diorskin Forever

I’m back! Since I rarely attend conventions and I haven’t been able to travel much this year, I thought might as well do blog posts about makeup, which I loveeeee.

Today I’m gonna focus on this foundation that I got from Dior – Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup Everlasting Wear Pore-Refining Effect with SPF 35 (that’s a mouthful)

The Diorskin Forever in shade 010 paired with Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

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49 :: Eli and more Eli

As some of you may, or may not know, Ayase Eli is my absolute favorite in Love Live. I’ve cosplayed her at an event before as mentioned in my previous post. This is mostly a comparison post from the 3 Eli makeups I did.

2014-12-12-00-14-31_photoThe picture on the left is when I first got my wig and did a test.
I think it was also the first time I used fake lashes on a character. It MAY look somewhat similar to the next image I’m posting but I do think this is messier? compared to the proper one I did on the day of the event. Oh and I think I stacked two layers of falsies for this test.

DSC_1720Next up is the makeup I did on the event day. Given I had quite a lot of time cause I was waiting for people so I did the makeup slowly. (I tend to go FAS)
To be TRUE and HONEST, I liked the makeup for this. It looks like any other female makeup maybe. but the eyeliner and overall was really tidy (to me at least) and I managed to put 3 layers of falsies on this time! Achievement unlocked.  Though I did shave off my eyebrows for this to get the accurate color instead of dark brows for a blond character (Unless you’re 強い! like Fuku-chan. Sorry Yowapedal reference)


2014-12-22-23-47-57_photoLast but not least, a rocker version of Eli from a fanart I saw on Facebook. I took my wig out and suit immediately after I saw it. Much much simpler (and 10x faster) makeup cause she looked pretty manly in that fanart. Usual eyeliner to elongate the eyes and heavier contouring on the nose, voila!

Will probably post the Psycho Pass shoot photos of YayoixShion as I realize I haven’t posted them!


10 :: How to Kagura?

A friend who’s going to cosplay Kagura was talking to me while doing a test of Kagura. And well, I somehow ended up doing the makeup for fun just to show my own version.

Note: I’m really bad with female makeup as I usually cosplay guy characters so… sorry no falsies and heavy shadows. But Kagura is a kid so she doesn’t use makeup haha!

29910Meatbuns courtesy of Sabby hahaha! Master in painting using LINE Camera.

I didn’t have Kagura’s wig, so I used my Nanami wig, tied the back up and styled the fringe somewhat like Kagura’s. So it’s not really accurate ;;

Oh a year ago I also cosplay Kagura’s brother, Kamui lol.

2013-05-18-22-16-10_deco    2013-05-18-22-34-46_photo

After taking photos for Kagura, I let the wig down and took some random pics~ I rarely look girly so this is a rare scene for me haha.

2014-03-23-22-24-59_photo   2014-03-23-22-30-06_deco2014-03-23-22-28-16_photo