83:: The DIE tag

 I’m sure people have heard of  the Ride or Die tag.

I love drugstore products, BUT its really a hit or miss, as quality over quantity sometimes. But I am such a cheap ass that I love anything good from the drugstore. Today, however I am going to review some of the makeup items (+ 1 skincare) that needs to be thrown as far as possible.

I regret buying them so much but they still cost money so I have a hard time trying to throw them. 🙁

My skin is combo oily t-zone and dry everywhere else , I have sensitive skin as well as dry patches.

Perfect subject to test on I might say. 

  • CATRICE Cosmetics Illuminating Blush (040 La Vien Rose) 








I don’t know about you, but when they said ‘subtle’ on their site, they meant it.

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