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I suck at chemistry.

Let me tell you this before I start my small review. 

The first time I came across this brand was when Wayne Goss mentioned it in his videos, I just glanced at it and it didn’t cross my mind to actually try. One fine day when a friend told me that she wanted something from Beautylish, then I finally took my time to research about the products from the brand. They had such confusing chemical names?? Like I’ve never really cares about skincare before and suddenly things like Alpha Hydroxy Acids and BHAs came out of nowhere. Till this day I still can’t wrap my head around it.

The Ordinary is a child company under the umbrella of Deciem: The Abnormal Beauty Company which houses brands like NIOD or Hylamide. Their parent company Deciem is based in Canada if I’m not mistaken.They have some high end and middle end range products but The Ordinary is their cheapest skincare line. Haven’t had the time to go and try their other brands though. They have a good range of products that takes care of different skin conditions but a few of them crossover? For example the Agireline Solution 10% or Alpha Arbutin are  ingredients in the ever so popular ‘Buffet’, so I’d rather go with Buffet which has more ingredients than the Argireline and save me some money. But by all means if you want the Agireline on its own, then you could get that on its own. Its really up to you!

Thankfully, Adore Beauty that’s based in Melbourne stocks the Ordinary! I also messaged Deciem to ask if they stocked to Aussie and they had an official store. As you know I rushed all the way in the rain over there and its in South Yarra’s Chapel Street if anyone is wondering. Sadly the things I wanted were all out of stock except for a few. Their decor was really simplistic and had a nice ambience though.



Most of the items in the line come in this dropper glass bottle. Its usually 30ml for the serums and you need only about 1-2 drops cos a little goes a long way. Sometimes 2 is too much…so one bottle can last you quite a while 🙂

I’ve been trying out the few I’ve bought from Adore Beauty, which really make my face looking way better! I don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day with my face pictures before & after though. I already tried out the Caffeine and Latic Acid 5% (There is a 10% version but my sensitive skin ass was scared so I went with the former) that I got from the Deciem store in Melb and they work quite well. I also bought the High-Adhere Silicone Primer for about 8$ AUD (5$ USD) for my friend and ‘Buffet‘ that everyone raves about (24.90$ AUD /14.80$ USD) for my mother because supposedly it reduces fine lines and wrinkles? The reviews I’ve read said it was good, but I guess it better works for mature skin. Will update if mom tries it out!

From right to left : The Caffeine Solution 5% -> Advanced Retinoid 2% -> Latic Acid 5% + HA 2% ->  High Spreadability Fluid Primer -> Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

From what I’ve tried out  :

The Caffeine Solution + ECGG : Lighten dark eye circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes.(12.70$ AUD /6.70$ USD)

Verdict :  The color of this one is clear and I usually use it like an eye cream. Works for the puffy eyes but not dark circles.

Advanced Retinoid 2%  : Improves wrinkles, darks spots, signs of aging , enlarged pores. (17.90$ AUD /9.80$ USD)
Verdict : This is a water based serum as opposed to the 1% formula that the brand has and I usually apply it at night because I cant even be bothered in the mornings. (Deciem themselves recommend the 2% though) My dark spots are slowly fading so this works quite well. I use this along with the niacinamide and my face is so smooth, bright and flawless I can’t even believe my face LOL.

I really don’t know what type of technology they’re putting into their stuff really?? I cant even say much but my face is so good. This has a yellow milky color to it, goes on slightly tacky as well.

-Latic Acid 5% + HA 2% : Uneven skin tone and texture. (12.70$ AUD /6.50$ USD)

Verdict : This is a chemical exfoliant that penetrates your skin barrier and does a good job of evening out the skin and making it really smooth. (Should only be applied at night because it contains AHA.) This had Tasmanian Pepper Berry in it to reduce inflammation. It goes on slightly tacky and I didn’t have any tingling feeling on my face.

High Spreadability Fluid Primer : Helps makeup spread without caking up. (13.90$ AUD / 7.90$ USD)

Verdict : ?? Have not tried. Will update.

-Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% : Deals with blemishes, enlarged pores and oily skin. (9.90$ AUD /5.90$ USD)

Verdict : THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL U NEED. If you have big pores, this shit is bomb. I don’t really have much acne anymore, so this is good for controlling the sebum as well. I think the redness in my face also calmed down a lot. My face just generally looks more smooth without the big pores on my cheeks. This one has a transparent color and goes on tacky as well. You do need to wait for maybe 1-3 minutes for it to sink into your skin though because if you don’t it just flakes off in small gritty bits. However, I can’t talk about oily skin because I’m in Australia now where my skin turned from oily sensitive to dry/combo sensitive ew.


Overall, I think that different items in the line is catered for different problems. Everyone has a different skin type & texture . So what might work for me might not work for you. But I do think because the ingredients in all the items are so concentrated, it will work to some extent for most people!


Things I would want in the future: 
Really want to try the AHA 30% + BHA 2% peel , but Adore doesn’t stock it very sadly. The 100% Squalane sold out too 🙁  The Hylarounic Acid that is supposed to draw moisture in from the air to keep boost moisture might be good if I wasn’t in bloody dry weather Australia. I would also want to try one of their Vitamin C derivatives, maybe the Ascrobyl Acid 12% because the main Vitamin C one has such mixed reviews….the Marula oil is always sold out too.


I’m really bad at reviewing things honestly. Gothamista, Liah Yoo and In The Name of Skin are good youtubers to watch if you need may more detailed information on this skincare line!


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